World Cup Sweepstake List

About Us - Our Boat - Bavaria 50, AtlasOkay folks ! All the names listed have links to the related website so you can find out what your opponents do so hopefully along with any banter you’ll also get some publicity out of it…. and may even win a sailing session with us. So forget using the name of the countries as the tournament progresses and substitute it for the company name. If you want to see what your opponent does just click their name and it will take you to their website. The full listing  is as follows:

Belgium – Lucky 6 Marketing

Japan – Lottie’s Bridal

Ghana – Ellison Printing

Ivory Coast – Dewlay Cheesemakers

Switzerland – Fleetwood Beach Kiosk

Russia – Northern Rags

Bos Herz – Shout Network

USA – Events DLC

Nigeria – Eclipse Developments

South Korea – Wetherby Building Systems

Cameroon – Eazi Apps

Algeria – Team Academy

Brazil – In the Zone

Greece – The Villa at North End

Holland – Ashworth Treasure

Germany – Palmer Publicity Services

Iran – Marketing Lancashire

France – Sky Blue Sea

Colombia – Leonard Curtis

Argentina – Netdec

Croatia – Bartle Hall

Portugal – Rethink Design

Mexico – Canal Boat Tours

Uruguay – Marketing Incentives

Italy – The Hometruths

Ecuador – Made in Preston

Costa Rica – Abbey Telecom

Honduras – Lancashire and North West Magazine

Chile – Blackhurst Budd Solicitors

England – Granada Fish Bar

Spain – Hilton Hotel

Australia – TecProjexLtd


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