Bring me Sunshine ….

On Wednesday we fly back out to Greece to set forth on another season and gear up for more Sailing Holidays around the beautiful Aegean Sea.

I’ve arranged to lift the boat back into the water later in the afternoon on Wednesday so that we can get straight on as we arrive at the port from the airport. Whether this happens is anyone’s guess though, after all, when out there we are on Greek Time. Anyway, I’m quietly confident my buddy Takis from  Argolis will have everything in order.

We then get shipshape by putting the sails back on, giving the engine a service and generally giving the boat a good once over. I’m very much looking forward to this week because on the Friday my daughters join us for the first time ever while we’ve been out in The Med. This means, with the exception of Monica our cat, it will be a complete family affair for a few days. I’m very much looking forward to showing the girls some of the gorgeous places we visit and introducing them to our friends out there. It’s also a 20 year anniversary of when we were last there as a family. 1999 was the first time we had a family holiday when there was just us and no other members. there’s a particular photo I want to retake but I’ll report on that as and when it’s been done.

I can’t explain how much I’m looking forward to getting back to the sun and visiting the islands. Beautiful sunsets, nice people, warm weather but I still couldn’t say which place or island is my favourite though.


Another reason I’m really looking forward to getting back out there is to get away from all the petty mud slinging and shite we get served up in the media and in particular by the BBC. It really amazes me that they give the likes of Diane Abbott the time of day……..and don’t think of mentioning Brexit to me.

It’s about the important things

The thing is that when out in Greece you are detached from it and just concentrate on the important things like whether to use Factor 15 or 30 suncream or if it’s time to have another refreshing cold drink. Don’t get me wrong though, the Greeks have all the petty political crap going on as well but because I’m not exactly ‘fluent’ in Greek it passes over my head. Believe me, like we have idiots who brand people ‘extreme right wing’ or ‘racist’ for flying the English flag they have exactly the same dickheads in Greece. This just tends to be in the more populated areas though because most folk on the islands or in the quieter places like Korfos or Epidavros aren’t really too concerned and just get on with their daily activities.

Life on an Island

There’s a lot to be said for living on a island and not bothering getting involved in all the political crap flying around.

Just while I’m on the subject though, I do get asked by many of the Greeks about Brexit and how I think it will affect things. My answer is that I have absolutely no idea how it will affect things and anyone who speculates on what will happen is talking complete and utter bollocks.

I voted to remain and admit that I was disappointed with the result….BUT….democracy is democracy and we have to respect that and get on with leaving he EU. To try and have a second referendum is horseshit. It doesn’t matter what each of the respective campaign ‘spin doctors’ were saying at the time, it’s done with. Anyway, my view is that politicians EVERYWHERE are full of shit and only say what they think the public want to hear so as to keep in favour with the electorate.

As I’m spouting about politics did you know that probably the first person to use the term ‘political science’ was Aristotle, a Greek philosopher who argued in favor of living a virtuous life…….so at least what I’m churning out has at least some relationship to this blog.

The Parthenon

Now that’s off my chest…..

I promise I won’t mention anything else political on the blog again or in any blog in the future. I will aim just to stick to Sailing, Holidays, Greece, Sun etc.

This year though I will be making a concerted effort to get to some islands that we’ve not visited yet like Milos, Serifos, Siphnos. The ones further south in the Cyclades that can be difficult to reach in the summer because of The Meltemi (a very strong northerly wind).

I’ll be doing a bit more scuba diving this year now that I’ve got a couple of sets on board. I’m also going to try and retain some fitness with the running and cycling though this can be quite difficult during the searing heat of the summer.

Bookings have also been okay. There are now only a few places available in June (2), July (4) and September (4).

We also try and change the itinerary around so we’re don’t visit the same places in the same order everytime. Since the website have been revamped there are a couple of sample weeks described that give an insight into what we do. The link below will tell you the basics.


Time to get ready.

As I type this I’m looking out of the window at home…….it’s pissing down and the trees are bent right over because of the wind….Roll on !


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