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Dragon Boat Race

Rather than reply to all individually I think it’s easier for me to put what I’m suggesting in a post then people can reply accordingly. Right, as per the link I posted the race is in the 1st June. If ever of you have done this before you’ll know what a cracking day it is. 

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Leonard Cohen and Hydra

Okay, I’ve been meaning to get around to Leonard Cohen on Hydra and how to find his house for quite a while now so here we go.

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Yacht Charter Sample Week

Yacht Charter. DAY 1. ARRIVAL. Guests arrive at Athens International Airport for their yacht charter and are by with the prearranged pick up from Poseidon Taxis. Next is the transfer to our base at Olympic Marina in Lavrion which is approximately 40 minutes then Andy(Skipper) & Julie(host) welcome guests on board.

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Over 50s

Are you in the Over 50s bracket? Although our holidays appeal to a whole range of age groups they are especially well suited to the Over 50s brigade. Why?

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Random Act of Kindness

We experienced a random Act of Kindness in Manchester today you know? We have now officially finished the sailing for 2018 and are now home in the UK until March with the exception of a couple of days in January when we nip back over to lift the boat out and arrange the annual maintenance […]

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Sorting out the Brexit issue !

Now I don’t want to seem like I’m blowing my own trumpet again so how should I put this?? Well………to blow my own trumpet again I absolutely nailed the Brexit issue in my blog just before the referendum in 2016 and it’s not like me to start mouthing off but here goes:

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