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Sorting out the Brexit issue !

Now I don’t want to seem like I’m blowing my own trumpet again so how should I put this?? Well………to blow my own trumpet again I absolutely nailed the Brexit issue in my blog just before the referendum in 2016 and it’s not like me to start mouthing off but here goes:

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A Case of Bad Wind

It certainly was a case of bad wind over the past week or so out where we are in Greece. 

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More Greek Culture

For every parent This is something I read recently out here in Greece and if you’re a  parent then I suggest you take a minute to use a translation app.

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When do you have enough?

How much money makes you happy?   It’s an old Greek fable I’ve heard a few times out here in Greece but hits the nail in the head about how much money you need to actually be happy and content  

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Atlas World Cup Update

As the start of the 2018 World Cup draws nearer here is the latest update. 

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Atlas World Cup 2018

As many of you know we made the draw for the Atlas World Cup 2018 a few weeks ago. This was done at the offices of Lucky 6 Marketing in Preston with the assistance of the gorgeous Katie from Palmer Publicity Solutions and the not so gorgeous Graham from Flossy’s Garden Services. The draw was […]

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