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What is the cost and the best way to reach Korfos?
The nearest airport is Athens. If you notify us of your arrival time we can help arrange for a taxi/minibus to collect you. The cost varies dependent on the size of your group. There is also the suburban railway that will get you to the town of Corinth where you can then get a taxi to Korfos.

Transfer prices are available on request

PLEASE NOTE ….Our NEW BASE is at the Bay of Korfos

What time do we need to be at the marina?
Our arrival time is from 5pm when we allocate cabins and run through the necessaries about the boat and the week ahead. We then set sail on the following morning.
Are flights included in the prices shown?
Flights are not included in the prices.
What time do we need to leave the boat on the final day?
We politely ask guests to be packed and have their cabins free for 11am. If your flight is later in the day there is absolutely no problem leaving your luggage on the boat for collection later though. This is so we can prepare the yacht for the next guests.
Is smoking permitted on board the yacht?
No. We do not allow smoking. If you do wish to smoke then we ask that you stand on quayside/pontoon away from the yacht so other guests are not subjected to cigarette smoke and we ask that you kindly refrain from flicking cigarette butts into the marina. We are strict on this because even cigarette ash can stain the decks and even though people try to be careful the wind can blow the ash onto the yacht.
Do I need experience?
If you are just on a sailing holiday then no experience is necessary but you are welcome to join in with the sailing as a skipper will be on hand to guide you.
What do I need to bring?
It is better several thin layers than two thick layers. Bring clothes suitable for the time of year for the evenings when ashore and maybe a light waterproof jacket in case we have some rain.
What footwear do I need to bring?
Bring waterproof shoes/or deck shoes or non-marking trainers. No high heels. Heels of any description are not really practical on a yacht.
Is there parking available?
Do I sleep on board?
For all overnight sailing trips you will sleep on board.
How are cabins allocated to guests?
We leave that up to each group to decide what is most suitable for them.
Will I have to share a cabin?
All cabins are double berth so depending on your party numbers you may be sharing with a member of your group.
Will I be able to charge things such as my mobile phone?
All cabins on our yacht have 12v charging point but please remember to bring your charger with USB connection.
Can I bring my mobile phone?
You can bring you mobile phone. Coverage is only up to approximately 10 miles from land which will generally give you coverage except on our distance sails. In an emergency the yacht can be contacted by VHF radio.
Are all meals provided?
On all sailing trips we provide breakfast, lunch and snacks/drinks throughout the day whilst on board. If we decide to spend a night on anchor then evening meal will be provided.
Can you cater for my special dietary requirements?
On booking, you will be asked if you have any particular ‘dietary requirements’ It is essential to give us as much information as possible in this section, to ensure we meet your dietary needs in full. However, dependent on your needs this may not always be possible due to the places we visit and the nature of our business.
What if the weather is bad?
If the weather conditions are deemed to be not suitable for safe sailing then we reserve the right to change the itinerary accordingly or postpone the sailing. This is done at the discretion of the skipper. We never take guests out into conditions that we know will be too challenging or uncomfortable.
Will we be in a marina every night?
Although you will spend some nights in marinas, in order to explore some of the more beautiful locations and to get the most out of the sailing experience you may choose to spend a night or two in a secluded anchorage.
How long do we sail for each day on the holiday weeks?
We have varying times of passage between the islands. we try to mix things up so guests can also enjoy some quality time ashore. A typical week will have voyage durations from 1 hour up to a maximum of around 5 hours but this can be adjusted to suit individual group requirements.
Do you take under children?
No. Adults only.
Does your yacht meet safety requirements?
Our yacht fully complies with the code of practice for small commercial vessels and meets all requirements as set down by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. The yacht is checked before and after each trip and all safety equipment is serviced on a regular basis.
Do I need travel insurance?
We always advise people to have travel insurance and suggest they check their policy for our activities. Please also refer to our T&C’s page.
How fit do I need to be to come sailing?
You don’t need to be a finely tuned athlete in order to come sailing but some degree of physical fitness is required as movement around the yacht and hopping onto pontoons and quaysides from the yacht may not be suitable for certain bariatric or unfit people.

In addition to this, most boarding of the yacht will be done by means of a passarelle and sometimes by using a sturdy plank. Please bear this in mind if your are nervous about balance.

Are there washing facilities on the yacht?
There are heads (toilets) and washing facilities onboard. On some of the islands there may not be facilities ashore but some local tavernas and hotels do offer showers for a small charge. We try our best to advise on where these may be available.
Will I get seasick?
If you know or think you may be susceptible, then it would be worth buying some motion sickness tablets from the chemist and bringing them with you. No one is immune from it, even Nelson suffered.

In Summary:

We will do everything within our capabilities to make your time with us as pleasurable as can be. Our sole purpose is to make you go away with nothing but happy memories. However, please bear in mind the type of holiday/activity you have joined. Adventure, escapism and discovery is what we are about.

We take you to the places that the large tour companies won’t/can’t get to. We aim to cater for all needs but the places we visit are not where you will see masses of package tourists so certain items and facilities may not be available. Although in comparison to many others, Atlas is a large yacht but we are still limited as to what we can stock up with.

There is ample on board to carry out your ablutions but please don’t expect long hot showers every morning. There are showers on board but these are strictly functional as there is not an endless supply of hot water. In many (but not all) places we visit there are Tavernas & hotels that offer hot showers for a small charge, generally 3-5 euros.

Could we also ask that if playing music either in your cabin or anywhere else on the boat that you have consideration for others. This applies particularly when we are moored up in marinas or in port.

Here is a basic checklist that should help:

  • Casual clothes for warm and cool weather, including a warm fleece. Light waterproof jacket.
  • Long sleeved top for sun protection whilst sailing
  • Deck shoes or trainers with good grip and non marking soles
  • Sunglasses and hat
  • Swimwear
  • Wash kit
  • Large beach towel. Towels that are provided on board are not for use on deck.
  • Sunscreen
  • Sea sickness tablets and any other personal medication you feel you may require
  • Mosquito repellent and bite cream
  • Remember to bring your log book with you if you have one already
  • Mobile phone charger 12v USB connection.
  • Training students: passport photo, First Aid Certificate and Radio Licence where applicable.
  • FINALLY…..When you are planning your evening activity/dining etc please do not feel obliged to remain with the group. If you prefer to set out on your own then please do so. There is also no curfew on what time you must return in the evenings but if you are late returning please have consideration for other guests. Also please don’t feel guilty leaving us on the boat in the evenings. Although we do ourselves occasionally dine out in the evenings, we often don’t. This is for both financial and waistline reasons as we are out around in Greece all the time and we often just sort our own evening meal for ourselves on the boat. We will however let you know if we are planning to dine out and if that’s the case then you are obviously more than welcome to join us.

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