Greek Language Guide

Greek Language

This is just a basic guide to the language with some words/phrases you will find useful. Greek is a difficult language to learn for English speakers because their script is different and there are only 24 letters.

Useful tips and phrases to help you get by. Although none of the locals would expect you to be fluent but using the odd word now and again and showing a bit of effort makes a huge difference in the respect you will gain.

You will notice I have included the ‘phonetic’ version of the words as well.

English Greek Pronunciation
Hello Yassou YAH-sue
Good morning Kalimera kah-lee-mehr-rah
Good evening Kalispera kah-lees-peh-rah
How are you? Ti kanis? tee-kah-nis
Good night Kalinikta kah-lee-neek-tah
Goodbye Kherete Khe-reh-tay
Yes Ne Neh
No Ohi oh-hee
What? Pos Pohs
How? Posso Posso
Who? ο οποίος o opeeoss
Please parakaloúme Para-kalo
I’m sorry Signomi seegh-no-mee
Thank you Efkharisto eff-kah-rees-toh
You’re welcome Parakalo pah-rah-kah-loh
I want a beer Thelo mia mpira heh-loh me-ah be-rah
Tea Tsai tsah-e
Coffee Kafe kah-feh
Wine Krasi Krah-see
Water Nero neh-ro
Bus Λεωφορείο Layowfo ‘reeo
Taxi Taksi Taxi
Number Greek Pronunciation
1 Ena En-a
2 Dio Thee-oh
3 Tria Tree-a
4 Tessera Tess-air-uh
5 Pente Pen-day
6 Exi Ex-ee
7 Epta Ef-ta
8 Octo oc-toh
9 Ennea en-nay-a
10 Deka Thek-a

When ordering food it is helpful to know what your options are on the menu! Some menus outside may be purely in Greek, and the following words can be very useful;

English Greek Pronunciation
Chicken κοτόπουλο koto-poulo
Fish ψάρι ps-ari
Lamb apvaki arn-aki
Beef Steak μοσχαρίσια μπριζόλα mos-chari-sia bri-zola
Pork χοιρινό choi-rino
Sugar ζάχαρη zach-ari
Salt άλας a-las
Bread ψωμί pso-mi
Hot καυτό kaf-to
Cold κρύο kr-yo
Ice cream παγωτό pago-to

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