Over 50s Holidays

Over 50s Holidays

Are you in the Over 50s bracket?

Our sailing holidays appeal to a whole range of age groups but are especially well suited to the Over 50s.


Because we (Andy and Julie) are over 50 years old and that means we will have plenty in common. Things like music, significant dates in history, freedom from kids etc.

Most people in the over 50s bracket have done all the usual beach holidays and general travel stuff. They are now looking for something different and many have a bucket list of things they want to tick off.

Unlike many years ago, us over 50’s are fitter and more adventurous than our parents and grandparents were and we now have the opportunities to travel the world more easily.

We realise that it only seems minutes ago since we were leaving school before life happened and understand more that we only have one life so should therefore enjoy every day. We all have a few years under the belt and have many experienced how life can grind away at your dreams and before you know you’re looking back and saying “Where did the last 10, 20, 30 or so years go”?

These days us Over 50s still have many things we want to do, places we want to visit and experiences we want to live. With all this in mind it’s why we know that are cruises are great for ‘our generation’.


We aren’t too bothered about finding the hippest bars with the trendy music (and prices to suit) because we are more concerned about quality time.

We think our cruises are better that the ones on big cruise ships although we fully understand why some people enjoy those cruises. Personally, and this is just our humble opinion, we think they are just floating holiday camps and are more interested in herding people about whilst extracting as much of their hard earned cash as quickly as possible. The big cruise ships take you to places where they bundle you off and have strict rules about returning for a certain time. This is necessary  because of the schedule they have to keep to. However, our cruises give you greater flexibility whereby departure time can be changed to suit guests even to the point of staying another night at certain locations if people want to stay longer.

This is something that seems to happen a lot when we visit Poros. I think this is because there are some lovely beaches there. It’s so tempting to have a lazy beach day slotted in between the week of sailing that guests find it hard to resist.

Over 50s Holidays should be extra special

We believe it’s the people you’re with that make all the difference to your precious time away. We know what to do and the places to go that will suit our guests in most of the places we visit.

You will have fascinating history to awe-inspiring natural wonders with the chance to learn something new. Shared experiences in good company are something you’ll never forget. We love to share the journey of discovery, exploring new lands and experiences with you.

Other Activities

What’s more, it doesn’t have to be all about the sailing. There are other things you can do. We can arrange Scuba Diving and Cycling Tours. There are also sets of snorkel and fins on board that you are welcome to use. You can read about these on the OTHER ACTIVITIES PAGE


Should you need any inspiration visit our SAMPLE CRUISE PAGES or if prefer any other information you either email info@atlassailing.co.uk or call Andy direct on UK +44 (0) 7976 322417.

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