Sailing Schedule


Sailing Schedule

May 23-30th     £3900 FULLY BOOKED

 June 2-9th      £3600 AVAILABLE

June 11-18th    £3900 FULLY BOOKED

June 23-30th    £3900  AVAILABLE

 July 1-8th       £3900 AVAILABLE

July 9-16th       £3900  AVAILABLE

July 18-25th     £3900  AVAILBLE

August 1-8th     £4200  FULLY BOOKED

August 13-20th  £4200  AVAILABLE

August 21-28nd £4200  AVAILABLE

August 29- 5th sept £4200  AVAILABLE

Sept 6-13th     £3900  FULLY BOOKED

 Sept 13-20th  £3900  FULLY BOOKED

Sept 26-Oct2nd     £3900 FULLY BOOKED

October 3-10th   £3600 AVAILABLE

October 11-18th £3600 AVAILABLE

 October 20-27th  £3600 FULLY BOOKED

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