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International Yacht Training


I’ve put this post together to clarify the most practical route to take in order to obtain your qualification to charter your own yacht as a skipper.

First of all, even if you are a complete beginner with no experience we can still train you to whatever level you wish to attain.

The IYT (International Yacht Training) scheme we offer is recognised by the MCA and is also recognised by more countries worldwide than the RYA thus making it a more credible option. It is for this reason that I changed from RYA to IYT because I believe the IYT training offered is more relevant to what people actually want and more to the point ‘need’.

For the quickest route to chartering try our BLENDED LEARNING COURSE Click Here



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Incidentally, the IYT are not restricted (unlike the RYA) in issuing non UK nationals with the ICC this makes Atlas Sailing totally unique in the UK as we are able to train and offer certification to residents of all countries.




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