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Bareboat charter requirements

Contrary to what many people think, sailing in The Mediterranean can be quite challenging and for sailing around the Cyclades and the Saronic Gulf it will require an experienced hand on the wheel.

This is not said to try and put anyone off bareboat charter it’s just to make you aware that at times the winds can blow quite strong, in particular during summer when the Meltemi blows at its strongest.┬áPrior to you setting off though we will advise you on the forecast weather conditions for the week so you are well prepared for your adventure around some of the most beautiful cruising grounds in the world.

Generally speaking the minimum you will need to charter a yacht in Greece is the a Bareboat Skipper licence from a body like the IYT, ASA, ISA or RYA.

Although Greece hasn’t officially signed up to Resolution 40 which issues the ICC (International Certificate of Competence) this certificate will normally be accepted.

Two weeks prior to the charter you will need to send us:

If you have any questions please contact us anytime.We have kept the information brief so as not to confuse anyone with too much detail.

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