A Porosian blog

Whilst I have time on my hands as the guests explore the beauty of Poros I though I may as well scribble a report

As I type this update the picture shown is the current view I have. We departed from Aegina on Tuesday and sailed to Poros.
On approach, as is now expected guests marvel at the sight of Poros that greets them.
When I gaze around me I cannot see any of the huge franchises that normally greet us at holiday destinations. The beauty of where we travel is that guests discover the re Greece and experience what feels like stepping back in time.
Once more, the guests with us are absolutely fantastic people and they liked Poros so much that they asked to stay another day which of course is not a problem.
We spent the last evening in a local taverna where we dined on things like kleftiko and drank Greek wine whilst musing on the wonder of life’s treasures.

Speaking of treasures, tomorrow we sail to Hydra which really is something else. There’s no cars on the Island so if you wish to travel it’s either WALK or take a donkey (seriously).
I must now go as I need to prepare for the return of our wonderful guests.

I will no doubt update you all from one of our other destinations.

The other picture shown btw is of the Temple of Poseidon which is at Cape Sounion. It is here we will spend an evening on anchor as we are guarded and watched over by the god Poseidon.



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