Safety First

Safety First

Safety First. We treat safety very seriously at Atlas Sailing, our company name is almost synonymous with the word. Every aspect of our vessels, equipment and procedures are maintained with an eye to safety first. The guests agree to abide by the instruction of the skipper in all safety matters. If you have any questions which are not answered below please contact us.


Our vessel is coded to MCA requirements. The MCA stands for the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. Similarly to when you fly on an aeroplane, a governing body has ensured that the aeroplane and the crew meet certain requirements in order that you as a member of the public will be safe in their hands. These laws are in place to protect and keep both crew and passengers safe.


We are firm believers in the concept of safety being everyone’s responsibility and expect fellow sailors to conduct themselves with consideration for others at all times. On boarding our yacht guests will be given a full safety briefing and issued with a life-vest which is to be worn when instructed while on board.


As our vessel is Safety Coded to MCA requirements all necessary safety equipment is provided and kept up to date. Safety equipment includes things like life raft; life jackets; harnesses and lifelines; fire extinguishers, blankets and buckets;gas alarm;flares, handheld VHF; lifebuoys; dan buoy; radar reflector; foghorn; torches and first aid kit.

Guests will be issued with personal automatic life-vest complete with safety harness and clip-on life line and given a full safety briefing on boarding the vessel. Andy is trained in First Aid and is also a First Aid at Sea Instructor. In addition to this Andy also has the STCW95 Sea Survival and Personal Sea Safety Certification.


Safety is always a key factor on a marina and so life saving appliances and lifebuoys are positioned at regular intervals around the marina. We actively encourage guests to familiarise themselves with their position and use. Alcohol: Consumption of alcohol is at the Skippers discretion for safety reasons.


If you are prescribed drugs you must consult your doctor regarding suitable seasickness treatments and any problems seasickness may cause to your medical programme.


It is your duty to inform Atlas Sailing of your medical fitness at time of booking and any changes between booking and sailing.

We have tried on these pages to provide you with the information you need to plan, prepare for and enjoy your time with Atlas Sailing. We may not have anticipated your question but we are happy to answer it so if there is something else you would like to know; something you’re not sure about or something extra that will help to make the difference to your journey please contact us.

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