Sample Week 1

Sample Week 1


Guests arrive at Athens International Airport and are met by the prearranged pick up by Poseidon Taxis. Next is the transfer to our base at Olympic Marina in Lavrion which is approximately 40 minutes then Andy(Skipper) & Julie(host) welcome guests on board.

Cabins are then allocated and Andy places the luggage of guests in their cabins. Andy  then explains the basics of the yacht along with what is best for safety/comfort whilst on board. He then explains the suggested route for the week. After this guests spend some time exploring around the marina looking at the vast array of boats on show after which they accompany Andy & Julie to spend an evening sampling the delights of Lavrion Town and then returning to spend their first night on board Atlas in readiness for the voyage ahead.



Guests rise to be asked what they would prefer for breakfast to which most prefer the lighter option along with a glass of fruit juice and cup of tea. There is no rush to leave though Andy explains he likes to set off around 10am each day as it’s not too early so as not to rush anyone but still leaves plenty time for sailing during the day. As we leave the marina with guests helping to slip lines we head out and spend the day sailing around Makronisos then heading towards our first stop which is the Cape Sounion. Once anchored guests decide to abandon ship and dive into the sea for a swim. The night will be spent on anchor whilst being watched over by the Temple of Poseidon. The is definitely one of the most beautiful places anyone could spend and evening. After the evening meal guests enjoy a glass of wine before retiring to their cabins to be gently rocked to sleep by the lapping waves of the Aegean Sea.



We weigh anchor at 11am as some guests decided to take a morning dip in the sea. We enjoy the sail over to the island of Aegina. On the way over some feel confident enough to take the helm and under the close guidance of Andy enjoy the exhilaration of being in control of a 50ft sailing yacht. We sail to the town of Aegina and moor up on the quayside directly outside the tavernas and bars of the busy little port. One of the many things Aegina is famous for is pistachio nuts of which are purchased in abundance. Guests then divide into two groups and explore the local area. Later in the evening they sample the quality cuisine that is on offer right on our doorstep.



Now well set in the routine, after breakfast and a short stroll in the sun, everyone joins in readying Atlas for the next leg. Our destination today is the ancient town Epidavros. Once more with confidence growing guests take the helm and even learn the rudiments of navigation from Andy. Joining in with the sailing of course is entirely optional but some people want to find out more about how to sail a yacht and more importantly, now to navigate your way there. Like many places in Greece, Epidavros is no different in that it is home to some kind of monument. This time it is the ancient theatre and some decide to take the short taxi ride to visit it. Guests seek out a local taverna to enjoy some souvlaki and wine before returning to Atlas and spending the evening reflecting on another wonderful day in the sun.



Now well versed in the order of things everyone is ready and eager to put to sea for the next stage of our Greek Islands Odyssey. Today we head for Poros and as we moor up on the quayside a friendly taverna owner (Michalis) greets us with a complimentary jug of wine.

By way of a change today, we drop anchor for lunch at a place called Russian Bay where we also enjoy swimming in the warm, azure waters.

After mooring up some of the girls decide they want to sunbath so head over to Kanali Beach and spend the rest of the day and early evening working on the tan. Poros is a very picturesque place, as they all are but climbing through the winding street and up to the Clock Tower gives a sight to behold and a perspective of just what a gorgeous location Poros is in.

Tonight Andy & Julie join the guests and visit the Oasis Taverna for some drinks and return back to Atlas to spend the evening drinking wine and enjoying an evening of music with Andy displaying his talents on the guitar.



Click this link to see what sailing into Hydra is like

Quayside in HydraToday brings us to one of the definite jewels in the Greek Islands crown. What makes Hydra so unique is that the only motorised vehicle on this island is the local dustcart. NO CARS. If you want to get anywhere on Hydra it’s walking or taking a donkey. The marina is quite busy with other yachts but we manage to moor up on the town quay and sit in awe of the beauty of this bustling little port. It is not unusual to be sat in the same bar or taverna with a celebrity or two. Guests waste no time in disembarking and enjoying a drink before setting of to explore more of the what the island has to offer. Andy explained about how the film ‘A Boy on a Dolphin’ starring Sophia Loren made the island a bit more well known and that Leonard Cohen also had a place here. There are times when words alone are not enough to describe what we see. This is one of those occasions. Visit and you will see.



It’s the last day of the epic adventure and we return back to our base at Lavrion. The sail over is absolutely brilliant and with sun beating down as we look out on to the horizon a shout comes up “DOLPHINS”. Once again, everyone clambers to get their cameras out and take that snap that will be be kept as a reminder of the many memorable things that have made the week so good. We enjoy our lunch at sea and are kept suitably cooled and hydrated with a can of something from the fridge. As we near the mainland again we sail once more past Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon after which there is just around another hour of sailing before Andy radios in to the marina control to announce our return.

After safely mooring up in our berth guests nip down to the showers to freshen up before heading into Lavrion again and sampling some more Greek hospitality.

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