A Poseidon Affair.

I now sit in the bay at Cape Sounion
I am watched over by the temple of Poseidon at the sun is setting behind me and I can truly say that at this moment in time there is no other place on this wonderful planet where I would rather be.
I realise that this is a very lucky position to be in as I’m sure not many others could say that.

Today we have sailed over the 50 or do nautical miles from Hydra to come and spend the night at anchor at Sounion.

Hydra is a unique place and one that can only be appreciated by visiting. The picture shows the view we had last night as we were sat on deck dining.

We arrived at Hydra after spending two days in Poros. We normally only stay for one but the guests were so impressed they asked to remain there for one extra day.
Tomorrow is the final day of the cruise for the guests and I can say once again that I have made some exceptionally good, nay fantastic friends who I hope will keep in touch.

The second picture shows the view I have in front of me.

As I leave you the sun is racing towards the horizon to bring to a close another brilliant day. I wish I could share this sunset with you.

Carpe Diem, Sailorboy.

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