Another busy week

There was so much happening this week that I’ve decided to put the sailings into one blog and post a few photos.

The first sail of the week was on St George’s Day where we had Mark from MJH Accountants and his Uncle James and Lesley and John from the award winning Canal Boat Tours in Hoghton. Incidentally it was Lesley’s birthday on the day. It was an early with John quickly taking control whilst being supervised by Lesley.

Later in the morning Mark then took the helm followed by Uncle James. On Thursday we had Andrew and his troops from Bartle Hall. There wasn’t much in the way of wind earlier in the day but Andrew showed a good level of helming skill when the wind came and fortunately with the sun shining we were able to dine on deck.

Once more we paid a visit to the island. On friday we had Graham (Flossy) and Martin (Johnny Vegas lookalike) & Faye and Dom from Blackhurst Budd solicitors. Graham now being a seasoned sailor instructed Martin on navigation and correct helming. Faye quickly assumed her position for the day while Dom decided to do his best Kate Winslet impression. As promised to Dom, there will be no mentioned of how much of a big girl he was when moving around the deck.


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