Atlas World Cup Update

  1. As the start of the 2018 World Cup draws nearer here is the latest update. 

There has been one slight amendment which is that Smartstrat from Standish, Wigan have now taken the place for Belgium in Group G.

If you want to find out more about Smartstrat this is the link

However, Nicki who runs the company prefers the game with the odd shaped ball but we won’t hold that against her.

Details of prizes will be posted soon so keep your eyes open for future updates.

When tweeting using the hashtag #AtlasWorldCup should make it easier for us to follow and interact with each other.

Hopefully it will be as successful as the 2014 competition but that’s all dependent on everyone embracing the spirit and using it for maximum exposure on social media so…….get stuck in !


As far as sailing holidays go for 2018 there are now only 2 dates available which are:

October 12-19th

October 21-28th

Both are priced at £2950 for a group of up to 6 people.

Please feel free to forward this info to anyone you think might be interested.


Here is the updated draw.

Group A

Russia/Fleetwood Beach Kiosk

Saudi Arabia/NW Lancs Chamber

Egypt/PIB Insurance

Uruguay/C Newns Consulting

Group B

Portugal/Evolve Document Solutions

Spain/Business Lancashire

Morocco/Stone Create

Iran/Whitehead & Aldrich

Group C

France/Copa Fizz

Australia/Shout Network

Peru/Pirahna Internet

Denmark/Ribble FM

Group D

Argentina/Chameleon Financial

Iceland/Harbour Business Group


Nigeria/Ann Ainsworth Associates

Group E

Brazil/Milford Supplies

Switzerland/Martin (Chip&Pin)

Costa Rica/Nineteen Legal

Serbia/Rob Heys (MTFC)

Group F

Germany/Dewlay Cheese

Mexico/Ad Options

Sweden/MJH Accountants

Korea/Why Us Marketing

Group G


Panama/Baxter Homes

Tunisia/Palmer Publicity Solutions

England/Paula Ludley

Group H

Poland/Lucky 6 Marketing

Senegal/Geminus Design

Colombia/Flossy’s Garden

Japan/Gilly BBC Radio Lancs

The opening game see Fleetwood Beach Kiosk do battle against The Chamber of Commerce with defending champions Palmer Publicity Solutions (they had Germany last time) opening their campaign against Outsource Pro.

Where we are based


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