Back Again !

Here’s the first blog post for a while. I always keep telling myself to post more often because if nothing else it increases traffic to the website. 

Anyway, we’re now readying ourselves for the busy year ahead. We were out in Greece over New Year (breaking my ribs) and also last week but to be frank it was bloody cold and not very enjoyable. There was of course the occasion last month where due to a tiled hotel room floor, slippy shoes and ‘just a couple’ of glasses of wine I had the mishap of slipping a breaking some ribs which if you have ever done this you will appreciate the crippling pain that accompanies this.

Well, I’m glad to say after that 7 weeks I’m now on the better side of it and actually managed to get out for a run this morning. As many of you will be aware after a few weeks of being inactive there’s a couple of pounds of lard that I need to shift :-(

Gearing up for the Year.

We’re back out at the beginning of March when I kick things off with a training course which I’m very much looking forward to. In addition to that we have the new Scubasail package happening this year so with everything else that’s going on it looks like things are going to be bigger and better than previous years.

Some People !

One thing I don’t particularly look forward to is the travel back and forward to Lavrion. It’s not really the flights it’s more so of the numpties you come across at the airports. I shall explain….most people I know and associate with e.g. friends, family, business friends etc are decent folk whose company I enjoy, however, when I get to an airport or on a plane I just seem to be surrounded by idiots. Where do they all come from?

For example, of the many things that wind me up is the smokers who stand at the entrance & exits in the CLEARLY marked ‘NO SMOKING’ areas. Example in the picture. Just prior to me taking this picture there were around 10 people smoking, it was like a Benson & Hedges guard of honour.

There’s also the people on the plane where, when the plane lands and the seatbelt signs ping, they jump up straight away, get their bags down and get ready to get off the aircraft. It’s not as if doing this makes any difference at all to how quickly you can disembark.

Control your Kids !

I also don’t have much patience with parents of noisy or annoying kids. When, as a family, we used to go on holiday I can honestly say that my two daughters were ALWAYS very well behaved on the flight because they knew if they misbehaved they would  get a crack. Why

is it that many other parents seem unable to control their children?

Another one that really grinds my gear is at the baggage reclaim carousel. There is a clear blue line for people to stand behind so as to enable others to see clearly when the baggage starts to come and then when collecting their bags from the carousel they don’t have to battle through the crowd and can lift your bags off without banging it against anyone. How can people be so stupid? There been occasions when I have been stood behind the line waiting for my bag when I’ve had complete dickheads come and stand in front of my…..suffice to say that it is made quite clear what a braindead idiot I think they are.

Here’s a tip. What I do to isolate myself from the plethora of quarter-wits. I have a decent pair of headphones and prior to flying I download a few podcasts to listen to. In particular I enjoy listening to a few Desert Island Discs which I download from the BBC website archive. I also have a couple radio shows as well and by doing this the flight passes surprisingly quite quickly.

And Finally !

One last one….and before you jump down my throat….. I know it’s each to their own and this is only from my point of view….. Most of my flights out are very early morning so sometimes I’m at the airport at 6am if not earlier. All I want at that time of day is a few coffees. It amazes me that some folk actually can actually stomach a few pints of ale or a few shorts. My you, it;s not as if I can call anyone for the consumption on alcohol :-))))

So there you have it. I’d be very interested to hear what sort of things wind you you at the airport?

I will be posting on a regular basis (hopefully)

Andy :-)


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