Basic Etiquettes

Here’s another one for the ‘pc’ brigade to jump down my throat. 

In my humble opinionated world there is a basic politeness that I think should be adhered to.

Obviously the day to day stuff like saying please and thank you, giving up your seat on the bus for an elderly person or a lady that’s up the tub, holding doors open for people are the first ones I that come to mind.

My words in this post relate more to Sailing and marinas but you’ll get the gist. When us Brits were abroad in years gone by it was always ‘The Old Enemy’ people generally had the problem with. The Germans would be up early and staking claim of the sunbeds around the pool etc but these days they have been surpassed.

I can honestly say that most of the Russian or eastern bloc races I have come across over recent years seem to have absolutely no respect for anyone apart from themselves.

They are loud and don’t care how much noise they make and till what time in the early hours. They speak to locals like second class citizens and really cause annoyance to other folk around.

Recently I saw one blatantly cut into a water pipe to connect his hose rather than move to a berth where there were connection for water.

When in marinas there are basic courtesies but some people seem to be either blissfully unaware or just plain thick as pig shit to know.

As in the picture it is courtesy not to put your dinghy on the outside so that if the place is getting full other yachts can raft up alongside. It’s obvious that people do this to stop other boats tying up to them which I suppose is understandable to an extent……who would want a mob of drunken Russians clambering over your vessel to reach theirs at 3am?

If you do ever raft up to someone it is courtesy to walk forward if the cockpit where possible in order to respect the privacy of the ‘raftee’.

Playing loud music on deck is another pet hate of mine. As nice as your music might be other people may actually want to sit back and enjoy the tranquility.

These are all things ‘old Ivan’ doesn’t seem to care about. Fortunately though, in reality, there are too many instances when we are out around the islands because I choose times and certain days to visit some islands that I think might be full of the Ruskies.

On the plus side though, the number of fantastic people we meet and the beautiful places we visit far outweighs anything that our friends from the east get up to and makes our time around the Greek Islands absolute heaven on earth.

Thats it for now though. I’ve got it off my chest and shall resume my general jovial posts. As many of you know we have been fully booked for 2017 and I have recently posted the 2018 schedule due to the number of requests for dates.

I have now also updated this to include the first training weeks of the year so if you are thinking of joining us either on a sailing holiday, training course or the new combined Scuba and Sailing weeks have a perusal and let me know if you have any questions.


Regards Andy

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