Better late than never !

I can never really think of what to ‘blog’ about so I might a s well mention where and what I’m up to so far.

Jules & Sailorboy

This year has started extremely well with quite a few bookings already made for various sailing activities. I’m particularly pleased that the 7 day cruise from Athens is now confirmed and will be going ahead and will take place between the 21st-28th March.

Last week I was exhibiting at the Travel & Tourism Show which was held at Event City and again proved to be a good decision with plenty of interest shown by the visitors.

I was very pleased to receive a visit from TV’s Julia Bradbury although I’m sure that meeting me was also a highlight of her day !!!

After last year and the many testing times I am itching to get going. I feel I have a very good foundation to build on especially having the website completely overhauled and  putting in place a plan of attack for the year.

I have just one or two bits of maintenance to carry out on Atlas then it’s all systems go once. It seems like a lifetime since I last sailed to Piel Island but will be put right very soon.

I advise you to keep tuning in as there will be a couple of sailing trips given away. I’m just thinking of a competition to run to win them so if you have any suggestions please drop me a line.

Carpe Diem.


I look forward to being of service




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