Beware of Pirates

PiratesAs the picture shows we had a merry band of pirates on board over the weekend of 12/13 April. This was to celebrate the 40th birthday of Chris from Rethink Design of Thornton.

I have Chris to thank for the good work on my website so I was more than pleased to be of service when his wife asked me if I could arrange something for him.


The weather forecasts had slightly understated the conditions which led to what we may call a challenging sail over to Piel Island. Fortunately when we had picked up the mooring and recovered, the weather calmed down and allowed the party to hail the ferryman and go ashore to visit The Ship Inn.

While Andy went ashore with the Pirates Julie stay onboard to prepare the evening meal of mousakka.

Once in the grog palace the pirates wasted no time in ordering drinks and this didn’t slow down even when back onboard.


Andy on guitarAs the evening progressed the blackguards requested that Andy bring out the guitar and provide some entertainment which, I hasten to add seemed to go down very well the drunken sailors.


Fortunately the evening wasn’t a late one so that all could be roused in the morning to set sail back to our home port of Fleetwood. All that is apart from the pirate known as Adam who slept on. He awoke to his surprise that when he finally popped his head above deck we were actually entering Fleetwood marina.


I must admit that this was a very different and entertaining trip, one of which I would hope will happen again in the not too distant future.


Chris TaplinThe Blackguard Pirate aka Chris Taplin



Finally, why not join us flying the red ensign on Wednesday for a St George’s Day cruise to Piel Island?

contact us. or call 07976 322417



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