The BIBA’s with some ‘Inspired Energy’ to go ‘Atlas Sailing’

Hello folks, see what I did there with the title?

Anyway, here’s a copy of a report I wrote for North West Lancs Chamber about

the prize that was given at the BIBA’s night in September. A night I remember well up until around midnight when my blood alcohol level increased.

For those in attendance of the 2014 BIBA’s which were held at the iconic Blackpool Tower you will remember that there was a very special prize draw on the evening.

The prize which was to raise funds for the …………… charity was a 7 day cruise around the Greek Islands with local yacht charter company Atlas Sailing. Guests were asked to make a personal donation in an envelope which was to be drawn later in the evening by DJ Dr Fox.


When initially drawn the prize was won by Cuadrilla who due to being a main sponsor decided it would only be appropriate to put the prize back in for drawing again.

When the redraw took place the lucky recipient was Paul Connor who is the accountant at Kirkham based (and also winner of an award) Inspired Energy.

With the cruise being for 4 people Paul decided to take his future wife to be Lyndsey and future in-laws Mark & Barbara. A brave man some may say.


Never the less, Paul and his group were met at Manchester Airport on the day of departure by Andy Dobson and his wife Julie who together run Atlas Sailing.

Next stop, Athens. On arrival at the marina in Athens, Paul and his group decided to spend the first few hours exploring the city and its history prior to embarkation the following morning.


DolphinsAfter leaving Athens the first port of call was Aegina and on the way over they were treated to visit from the dolphins.
Then on arrival it was disembark and explore the island.
The next day was a sail south to the island of Poros. Once in Poros Paul and his group liked the island so much that they requested to forego a day of sailing in order to stay there a day longer.

After two days in Poros the next destination was the beautiful island of Hydra where there are no cars. The form of motorised transport is the local dustcart and the taxi rank at quayside is a row of donkeys.


SnorkellingOn the way over to Hydra it was decided to stop in a quiet bay to have lunch and allow people to dive into the pure blue water to enjoy a swim.
Paul and his group were amazed at the sense of freedom and complete escapism that there was whilst sailing. The cruise was spent visiting islands and places that are untouched by mass tourism and have no burger joint or karaoke bar in sight.

After spending a few days in different ports, Andy the Skipper suggested that to get a feeling of complete escapism they spend a night on anchor. The night on anchor was spend at Cape Sounion which is a secluded bay where you are watched over by the Temple of Poseidon.

A tranquil sunsetThe picture shows the view the guests had whilst on anchor watching the sun going down and bringing to an end what was a fantastic prize donated by the North West Chamber and what was a real epiphany for Paul and his group on just how liberating a week sailing untouched Greek islands can be.
The next day the group were delivered to Athens airport were Andy said goodbye and then waited for the next group to arrive as he had to do it all again for another week.

And as Andy says “It’s hard work but someone has to do it” !

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The 2015 schedule will be uploaded on the site tomorrow.


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