Bring me my arrows of desire !

DSC_0270In keeping with the theme of using a song etc as a title here we go again.


Now bear with me on this one. There aren’t many pieces of music that sum up the spirit of Britain more than what Jerusalem does. In fact in my opinion it should be the national anthem, however, I digress.

I’ve now been out in Spain operating the ‘The Good Ship Atlas’ for around four months and generally speaking things are going well. I’m commuting, so to speak, every couple of weeks or so back and forward from good old Lancashire out to Spain as I have various commitments that dictate my movements.

So……now to the point. Despite the crap that gets churned out by the media that Britain is on its arse and is full of benefit cheating, bone idle scumbags….. it is actually a good place where MOST people are actually decent.

The British work ethic of getting off your backside, rolling your sleeves up and getting things done is something to be proud of unlike out here in Spain. Not wishing to tar all Spaniards with the same brush I have to say that trying to get things done, not just on time but in a reasonable time is VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE. If you think the maze of red tape in England is bad, try doing things in Spain. Further to that, they are second to none at moving goalposts even though you may have made agreements.

Over the past few days I’ve been trying to put together a package so I can offer a combined sailing & golf holiday week where people who play golf and like a bit of adventure can enjoy a few rounds of golf in different locations to which we will sail to during the course of the week. Now trying to obtain the necessary information from the various places has been to say the least somewhat difficult. Out of 14 golf courses I contacted only 6 have so far bothered to reply and this is even after sending a couple of polite email reminders to them all. Getting a reply was one thing, getting the exact information was the real challenge. Anyway, I’m almost there now and should be able to post full details soon.

Another prime example (and there have been many) was yesterday when I had arranged to lift the boat out for some maintenance. To cut a long story short, this didn’t happen because IT WAS RAINING ! Suffice to say, after me sailing around the marina in the p*ssing down rain I was getting a little tetchy and ended up throwing mu doll out the pram.

Unlike most British businesses, the Spanish do not seem to give a toss about customer service so I could honestly say that any Brit wanting to relocate would leave the Spanish standing as far as getting things done and even just turning up on time.

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not anti being in Europe I think there are more benefits to being in the EU than not being in it. That said, we do need a leader/government with more of a backbone that the one we have now. One that will stand up and say to the EU and say:

“Listen, cock…..we’re happy to be in the Euro club but first of all lets get a few things straight etc etc”.


Our present leaders tend to just say what they think the public want to hear and do the things that will not lose them votes rather than doing things for the common good of all. It seems more empahsis and favour is given to the minority to the detriment of the majority.

You may also think that Health & Safety has gone too far in the UK? In a few cases it has and has actually removed responsibility from the individual to have some common sense and not be a complete idiot. Here in Spain the festival of the Three Kings is celebrated early in January and one of the activities is sweets being thrown into the crowd…. but after a risk assessment it was deemed not to be safe so they must now be given out in other ways.

In summary, after being arsed around by the Spanish for quite some time I have lowered my expectations on how they should perform and what I expect from them because no matter how you try to persuade them to get their arse in gear it will only ever be in THEIR OWN TIME and in THEIR OWN WAY.

Be proud to be British, in particular if you’re from the north……and if you’re from Lancashire….beat your chest with even more pride !


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