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This is the first blog written and sent from my iPhone so I have no idea how it will look. Hear goes….

As per the title of this post this week I have experienced two opposite ends of the scale regarding customer service. From having me first ever job at 16 years old it was always drummed into me that the customer is what business is about.

No Customers = No Business

Basically, customers/clients pay the wages so should be given the due respect. The yanks can be seen by some as brash and arrogant but you cannot fault them for customer service. If you visit the USA you are generally left with the impression that you are welcome and nothing but the best will suffice (that is of course when you are through the border control which isn’t too pleasurable).

My first example of first class is Superfastlancs. I have had the pleasure of attending some of their training courses and can only rate it in one way 10/10. The amazing thing is that provided you meet the criteria this training is FREE. Yes, free with no hidden catch.
The delivery of these courses in particular was exceptional. The 3 Man Factory from Preston were outstanding with their Social Media session as was Richard from Why Us on CRM.

The other extremity was a certain restaurant at the Trafford Centre and anyone who follows me on Twitter will know exactly which one.
After having to wait the best part if one hour for the food when it finally arrived it was substandard to say the least. What I normally do is just not bother going to a place again but one this occasion I needed to offer some feedback.
The manageress agreed and didn’t charge me. Not that this was any consolation as I was very hungry and just wanted to get home and sort something to eat.
I did tweet a few comments to which they replied to this morning but their reply was to ask me to contact them!

If I had an unsatisfied customer I would be asking how/when I could contact them to try and resolve the matter. After reading the Twitter feed of said ‘unsatisfactory restaurant’ which was riddled with complaints I decided it would be a fruitless task and a waste of my valuable time to contact them as I have more important things to do (like moaning about it in a blog).

You may be wondering what the picture at the top of this post relates to??? That is what they served my cup of coffee in!
Call me old fashioned but when serving coffee, use a cup and not a thimble.

Ps let me know if you want contact info for the chaps at SuperfastLancs. I’m not keen on putting links directly as it can be misconstrued.

Regards Sailorboy.

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