D-Day is almost upon us !

Sailing Adventure in SpainWell the date set for the BIG move is September 10th so barring some inclement weather we shall be heading toward our new base in sunny, southern Spain.

We shall leave Fleetwood and head to Crosshaven, Co Cork where we will restock provisions before heading out into the Atlantic and crossing the Bay of Biscay.

We will make landfall at the Spanish port of Bayonna and then make one further stop at Sesimbra in Portugal before rounding into the Straits of Gibraltar to arrive at our new home in La Linea de la Concepcion.

Although the yacht Atlas and the business will be based over there permanently I myself will be out there for approximately 2 weeks at a time and returning for 2 weeks as the schedule dictates.

There are plenty things I will miss around the area but I intend to keep in touch with people and haven’t ruled out other activities in the area in the future.

Many have asked the reasons for the move and apart from the weather the main reason is the management of the marina by ABP who, whilst I was receiving some exceptionally bad service earlier in the year (which cost me dearly), told that if I complained they would increase my mooring fees which if nothing else is basically commercial blackmail. There are of course numerous other issues but they seemed to think I had no other option as I had put so much into setting the business up from Fleetwood. It is a great shame because they don’t realise what having such a business is for the area not least the fact that I brought the huge brand of IYT (International Yacht Training) to the area. The FIRST sailing establishment in the UK to break away from the Royal Yachting Association which they don’t seem to understand the gamble I had taken in doing so.

That said, I have ABSOLUTELY no problem with all the lads (Daryl, Simon, Ian Mike, Dave etc)who actually run the marina. Those chaps are brilliant and actually hold the place together.

I honestly would have thought that with the number of yachts leaving Fleetwood they might have encouraged someone like me who has been so proactive in promoting the area.

Anyway, that’s all I’ll say about it now so it’s onwards and upwards and with the number of bookings that have come in for the holidays and training it’s perhaps something I should have done years ago.

I look forward to year round sunshine and cruising around Spain, Portugal, North Africa etc with the whales and dolphins.

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