Dissolved !

I’ve been a touch quieter over recent weeks because I was waiting for the dissolving of Atlas Sailing Ltd to go through.

First and foremost the dissolving of Atlas Sailing Ltd was voluntary and a decision made solely by me.

From now on it is just me trading as Atlas Sailing so effectively nothing has changed for bookings and operations it’s just I don’t have the hassle and red tape that are attached to a Limited Company.

It was due to a move from the bank that I finally decided to dissolve the company and for once I managed to turn things to my advantage  and free myself.

The other reason was to cut loose the millstone that’s been around my neck since Atlas Sailing Ltd was first set up 6 years ago.

Something some don’t know!

As some of you know and many don’t know there were originally 3 of us involved in Atlas Sailing Ltd but very quickly after arriving back from Athens in June 2012 the first one departed by mutual agreement after it was decided things weren’t going the way we all originally planned then the other one bailed when things started to get somewhat tougher whilst leaving me me a few £1000’s of debt to sort out.

Anyway, in stepped Mrs Sailorboy to assist and she is actually a far more competant sailor than the bloke who was meant to be helping sail the boat in the first place. I juggled operations accordingly to accommodate being left in the shit

I will be writing a full and in-depth account of the story the last 6 years, not because I’ve got my head up my own arse and think everyone will be interested in what I do but more as an example for people to see how you can actually get through huge amounts of crap and actually come back from the brink of the unthinkable.

In addition to this it will be to show some folk who think I’ve had and still have this wonderful life where I’ve got a couple of businesses and a few properties that keep me in the lap luxury and all I need to bother myself about is looking at the bank balance.

Moving On

I can honestly say that a line has now been drawn under the last 6 years, 6 years where I’ve have more shit than you could EVER imagine. This is probably why I don’t have much patience with folk who moan about the smallest problems instead of just getting off their arses and sorting it.

Dont get me wrong though, there have been some fantastic times and experiences. I’ve also learned a hell of a lot.

So, it’s onwards and upwards and things are looking good. In the future though I’ll be doing less charters out in Greece because of other business commitments but by far the best move over recent years was moving the Yacht back out to The Med and away from the grey, pissing down weather we have in the UK which allowed me more time to get stuck back into the building supplies business and sort out some bad tenants who were in some of the properties.

The charters are going well with only one week from the summer schedule and two weeks in October still remaining.

I shall now set to work on writing the full account.

Regards Andy.


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