On your doorstep !

under sailI’m blogging today with my Lancashire Tourism head on.


There’s a hell of a lot of places to go and things to do that are literally on your doorstep.Obviously from a personal point of view I’d like everyone just to come sailing with me but I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen.

We seem to ignore, not on purpose, many of the things that are on offer in Lancashire. We seem to think that we must travel some distance to enjoy a good day out but it’s not quite the case.

If you picked up the ‘Welcome to Lancashire’ booklet you would find a plethora of places to visit or stay at, activities to do etc.


If we took as an example Preston for a starting point and we draw a circle with a radius of 20 miles: How may things to do could you find within a short drive/bus or train ride? Quite a few?


The obvious one is Blackpool, the Mecca for a day trip. Blackpool has been getting something of a bad press recently, not least due to certain (crap) TV programmes. There are some brilliant things there and there have been plenty changes. My favourite at the moment is the 4D experience in The Tower. If you haven’t done it you are missing out.


Going the opposite way from Blackpool heading east you could stop in at Riley Green for a Canal Boat Cruises. If you fancy a waterborne experience but not out at sea with me this is an excellent alternative. They even have a dinner boat cruise which is something quite different.


Going north you have the Seat of Lancashire, Lancaster. A place full of history. You can also be in the Trough of Bowland very quickly should prefer a walk in the country. If you prefer to head south you have another favourite of mine, Rivington Pike. This is the best place for a short trek to blow the cobwebs off especially after a heavy night of  ‘socialising’.
photoI’ve also got to get my own plug in. Who would’ve thought you you charter a yacht in Lancashire? When setting up Atlas Sailing there were plenty of ‘nay-sayers’ who thought it wasn’t possible to offer this service in Lancashire but head to Fleetwood and we can have you out for a very memorable day. We could sail you over to Piel Island and on route you even get to take control of the yacht.

Once you return you could pay a visit to my mate Craig at the Beach Kiosk for a coffee and ice  cream whilst taking in the wonderful view of the bay.

There’s naturally too many other things to mention but I’m just trying to highlight that the more we do locally the more we (in the Tourism Industry) will all benefit. Some places tend to have a blinkered view on their business and aren’t keen on mentioning other businesses in their field but I believe even if people don’t want to go out sailing with Atlas then let’s try and get people to think local. There’s plenty things within the Lancashire tourism arena to go around for us all so if we try and mutually encourage people to think local then we will all improve and grow. I am currently working on partnerships with other places so as to offer a bigger package for example a day sailing followed by an overnight stay at a spa hotel and also tying in with other activities.

I hasten to add,I don’t get any commission from anyone for mentioning their business though I may try and scrounge a coffee and ice cream from Craig at the beach kiosk.

Pick up a copy of the Tourism in Lancashire and take a look at what there is. There’s also a particular good picture of a VERY handsome chap on page 81. Any guesses????

Anyway, that’s it for now but if you do fancy a trip at sea have a peep at my August schedule. There’s lots going on even a ‘Lads & Dads’ sailing day.

CLICK HERE for the sailing schedule

Sincere thanks for taking the time to read this.

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