Dragon Boat Race

Rather than reply to all individually I think it’s easier for me to put what I’m suggesting in a post then people can reply accordingly.

Right, as per the link I posted the race is in the 1st June. If ever of you have done this before you’ll know what a cracking day it is. 

I’m suggesting we represent North West Air Ambulance so that will be our team name. Lynne (lovely lady) from NWAA asked so we might as well get some publicity for them while we’re at it

However, as much as I want to have fun on the day I’m not just planning on being there to make numbers up. I want to be high up on the leader board if not right at the top.

Speed on the Dragon Boats is more a case of coordination as opposed to bare muscle power. It’s a case of making sure you’re in line with the person in front of you. There’ll be a lot of shouting on the boat (purely motivational of course) so if you haven’t got that drive and will to win you might be better passing on it.

You’ll need to listen and follow the instructions AND stick to them as I’m not planning on having passengers on board. It’s all about the technique.

Look at this link as this is how tight it needs to be so you’ll need to be confident of being able to keep this up and make sure your are in exact order.

Anyway, you’ll get the idea by now, we’re there to have fun but also there to make a mark.

The Boat and Cost.

As per the post the cost to enter is £550 per boat and I was aiming at a minimum of 16 plus drummer which would be £35 ish each

Unlike some of the boats I’m not asking for people to get sponsors etc to try and raise money, if some want to do that then that’s fine but what I’m suggested is we each put in £50 to cover entry then whatever is over goes to NWAA and I’ll aim to get 20 in the boat which shouldn’t be a problem judging by the amount of replies I’ve had via Facebook, Twitter etc. This will mean NWAA will receive around £290

Just to explain! Before anyone starts to think I’m a tight arse who’s against charity let me put you straight.

There are lots of charities around these days and without question each charity has it’s own importance to each respective group/person. I do donate to certain causes but don’t make a song and dance about it and with all due respect to all charities there is more and more people collecting for more and more causes, as said, each one equally as important as the other and I feel folk might be getting a bit charity fatigued.

I don’t want anyone to feel obliged to start asking for donations in order to join the boat.

If anyone wishes to try and raise further funds then that’s fine and if so I’d suggest setting up a JustGiving page with which I’m sure Lynne from NWAA would advise.

In a Nutshell

1. £40 pp

2. 20 rowers+ 1 drummer

3. Must have a burning will to win and be reasonably fit

Finally, I’m not going to be collecting money for a few weeks yet but when I do I’ll appreciate it getting paid straight away so I don’t have to start arsing about mithering folk for it.


Hope that makes sense?

If you’re in please email andy@atlassailing.co.uk or message via FB or Twitter.




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