Up in flames !

Sunday the 15th February saw high drama at the marina with ‘Sea Mayden’ a motor cruiser going up in flames.

This was a very close shave for Atlas because she is normally moored immediately next to the vessel that went up in flames. However, last week I decided to lift Atlas out onto the hard standing so as to carry out some maintenance work prior to the big kick off next month.

Had I still been in the mooring things could well have been different. Because of the close proximity the flames would more than likely have been licking against Atlas which would’ve meant a totally different story.


The coastguard team were paged a 0750 and arrived to find Lancashire Fire & Rescue already in attendance. One of the concerns was the amount of fuel still in the tanks of the yacht but fortunately the blaze was put out and the vessel was towed and lifted out on to the hard standing. Fighting the fire was made more difficult because of the location of the vessel and a major incident was actually declared with seven appliances and a control room in being deployed.

IMG_2543[1]Fortunately there were no injuries and the fire was put out in a very professional manner.


I’m not really a great believer in any religion but if there is a God he was certainly looking down on Sailorboy.


Carpe Diem Folks.


The main activity for Atlas will begin next month and all dates are available to view on our calendar page


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