Happy Monday (S)

I’m almost getting into the regular routine of writing a blog so I thought I’d start the week with one.

There’s been a lot of of activity in Fleetwood over the last week. In particular at the Beach Kiosk which is run by Craig.


With the football club reaching the play offs for promotion Craig had some special ice cream made which is called the ‘Cod Army 99’. Not content with that publicity he even had Matty Blair, who is one of the players, come down from a photoshoot and even serve in the kiosk.

In addition to that he even managed to get two appearances on TV! One if which was Granada Reports and the other on Sky Sports News.
Naturally I thought I should try and get in and offer some support to the boys so I nipped over and had a photo taken and obviously needed to sample the now FAMOUS Cod Army 99 which I must admit was very tasty!


I think the highlight of the publicity for Craig was having Bez from the Happy Mondays pay a visit and sample his ice cream. The Happy Mondays are playing a gig FTFC in June. It’s highly likely that you may hear ‘Step On’ pumping out of the kiosk if you pass there now with Craig shaking his maracas and dancing like Bez.


Not that I’m jealous of the publicity the tight, Scottish bloke has received…. but it sends my publicity into oblivion.
Sailorboy features in the latest edition of Lancashire & North West Magazine with a double page spread so I’m hoping that may bring a few bookings in for some more sailing trips.


Despite a plethora of interest from the biker fraternity the Isle of Man trip for the TT races is still available though if not booked within the coming week I will probably change this to a cruise down to the beautiful Menai Straits.

I will finally be putting together the rest of the 2014 sailing trip although the half & full day trips go ahead year round regardless.
The two Greek Island cruises seem to be creating some interest with some places already being booked. The dates are:
October 10-17 and 17-24 and will provide a holiday like you’ve never had before.


Anyway, that’s enough of the blatant advertising and I’ll sign off here but please visit the website Atlas Sailing for any other details.

Finally, due to a cancellation the Father’s Day cruise is again available. It’s on June 15th and is £50+vat pp (6 places) or book the full boat for sole use at £260+vat.

That’s it for now so I hope to see you soon. You can contact email me direct on Email Andy



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