How many Award Nights do we need ??

IMG_1829As the title suggests my question is:

How many  business award ceremonies can there actually be?

This post will possibly ruffle some feathers so I’m not naming any particular person or award ceremony. I’m just speaking generally.Perhaps many people are being diplomatic or are just a tad wary of saying something on this subject but seriously, how many business award ceremonies do we need.

More to the point I would honestly like to know (although I have a pretty good idea myself) which ones people think actually have some merit?

Are awards where you actually nominate yourself worth anything? As far as I’m aware, though I welcome somebody correcting me, there is only one set of business awards where you don’t nominate yourself.

Please bear with me on this as I am aware of the kudos and PR value of receiving an award for doing something, being somebody or achieving something but when you have to nominate yourself or your own company THEN pay to go to the awards night is it really worth it. Again, please bear with me because I will get to the main point eventually. There are many of the awards that unless you are buying a table and splashing out some hard earned dosh you have no chance of winning.

It seems some of the people who organise these events have hit on a real moneyspinner. Again I’m not directing this at anyone in particular and I’m not naming anyone but there are definitely some of these ceremonies that are purely for the purpose of raking in the wonga!

Further to this, not only are there more and more award ceremonies springing up on what seems like a weekly basis but the ones that are already established are constantly thinking of new categories and extending the number of people in each category.

Call me old fashioned but unless I’m totally stupid the bulk of these are for profit and nothing else. I’m actually quite jealous. What a brilliant idea:

1. Invent an award ceremony.

2. Do a brilliant job with the marketing and PR for it.

3. Get people and companies to nominate themselves.

4. Invite companies to buy sponsorship packages in return for judging.

5. Charge everyone else for attending the awards night.

In addition to this I know for a fact that one particular bunch of these award night organisers have actually said to someone I know and respect very well that if you join their particular ‘group’ and take a table or two at the awards night then they will stand a VERY good chance of winning.

The problem with there being so many awards and most of us knowing that unless you are actually prepared to, in all intents and purposes, buy the award and/or be very friendly with the organisers/judges it dilutes the credibility of them and in many cases makes them a joke. All lot of the people I deal with in business and meet at various events think the same.

I can think of many examples of people or companies that have won certain awards who had they not been ‘well in’ with the organisers and/or sponsored an award category then booked a table or two on the night would not have had a cat in hells chance of winning.

Further to this, can you REALLY have impartial judging when you have judges from people and organisations who are actually sponsoring categories?? Also, there are some of the judges that don’t exactly have much sharp end experience of business. At least when I start mouthing off I speak from a wealth of experience in both life and business.

There is definitely a case of ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ with these awards nights. I really think that many people are sh*t scared of saying anything like

“your awards are a complete load of bo****ks”

because it might affect any future standing in any business awards they might nominate themselves for or are just perhaps too busy kissing arses.

Sorry to be somewhat brusque with my language but many who know me know that I will tend to say what I think and not try and curry favour with anyone. I’d prefer people taking me for what I am rather than have to buy some of these awards that are flying about. Don’t get wrong, I’ve been to loads of these awards nights and had a very good time but I’ve never had to pay as I’ve always been invited and I bet after this I don’t get anymore invites !

I’ll take that though, it’s about time people started to stop letting themselves be sheep herded into some of these events.

I would really appreciate some feedback on this as to what people actually think about it because most I speak to are of the same opinion.

I would also like to know, and be honest, which ones you rate and think are worth going for because, you know what?…..There a ain’t many!

In my opinion there’s possibly one, maybe two of these awards that actually carry some weight and are worth going in for, and the rest of them….you’d be better taking the staff out for the night or better still (and I’ve honestly only just thought of this) come on one of my sailing holidays.

In the end though I suppose it’s a case of each individual weighing up whether it’s worth swallowing their pride and spending their money to buy some of these awards because it looks good to the people who don’t know how the world goes round and can be an exceptionally good marketing tool and PR stunt for the purchaser  winner.

Hopefully nobody will take offence by this post but if they do I suppose I can rest my case.

So…..let me have some feedback and if you have any free tickets for these awards nights then give me a call because I enjoy a night on the lash ;-)


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