Jennifer Hudson and Richard Branson

Sailing Experience Days

Jennifer Hudson and Richard Branson may be a strange title to my latest blog you could be thinking perhaps?

The reason being I have been spending the morning doing some SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and while I was looking for what was trending I saw Jennifer Hudson and Richard Branson had over 70,000 searches between them. I thought by including this in the title and the content it could test the hit rate on although me not being an expert am probably barking up the wrong tree.

Anyway, this past week has proved to be a real busy one with three presentations done (one of which was 45 minutes) and lots of enquiries for sailings. I have in particular had quite a few people asking when the next voyage around Greece will be. The next trip to Athens is not planned until Sept/Oct but should demand dictate this I will put some on over the summer.

I am also getting plenty enquiries for Milebuilder Cruises which I think I will now have to increase the amount planned. As of the 21st March we will be jetting over to Athens to embark on our first 7 day cruise of the year then when we return it’s heads down for what looks to be a very busy year.

It seems all the networking, marketing and general business strategies are paying off and if I can help with any advice or guidance on what/how I’ve done it please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You could even call for a coffee on Atlas if I’m around.

Failing that, if you have a second, please peruse the sailing schedule I have as I will also be updating this later in the week.

Apart from that I look forward to hopefully being of service to you sometime.


Ps I will be reporting my ‘hitrate’ tomorrow after I look at my google analytics. Let’s hope it works.


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