Making some NOISE !

A few of the marketing companies reading this might be thinking ‘Shut Up and stick to sailing’.

However, my view about marketing is that it’s not exactly rocket science it’s all about making a noise in the right ears and attracting attention to what you have.

I do speak with a modicum of experience as I’m now 50 years old and have been involved in business for a number of decades.

Hopefully you won’t think this arrogant or big headed but I will now give you a PRIME EXAMPLE on how to make some noise!

As many of you will be aware I am moving the sailing operation down to La Linea in Spain. The marina is literally on 5 minutes walk from Gibraltar Airport.Pow

The first cruise will take in the area around Southern Spain, Gibraltar and the coast of North Africa. Whilst sailing around here it is quite common to see dolphins and whales in the Straits and unlike the UK we can virtually guarantee SUNSHINE !

Right, LISTEN TO THIS……. In order to promote the first cruise from our new base I have decided to put an exceptionally good offer on. (MAKING NOISE)
The first cruise is October 4-11th and the price will be at the hugely discounted rate of…..


That’s not a misprint by the way. It really is £285 and will include breakfast, lunch, snacks & drinks throughout the day.

We don’t include evening meal because guests generally want to dine ashore in the local bars & restaurants at the places we visit.
If interested, don’t delay as at this price the places will probably be booked up very quickly.

Hopefully, this will prove my point that if you make the right noise in the right ear you will have success.

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