Monday again!

It doesn’t seem 5 minutes since the last blog. Anyway, I think I’ll make this one more of a pictorial. Once again I’ve had a very busy week. Last week started with a trip up to Lancaster University for the Business Masterclass. Speaking at this event was Sir Chris Bonnington who I must admit is looking extremely well for a man in his 80th year. 20140519-200610-72370811.jpg It was a very interesting talk he gave in which he described his many mountaineering conquests, not least Mount Everest. Earlier in the day I had the exquisite pleasure of meeting the delectable Sam Ashdown who is something of a guru for a Estate Agents. 20140519-200930-72570416.jpg Her company is known on Twitter as @thehometruths Sam very kindly shared some excellent social media tips although this did cost me a bucket of chips and a cup of tea. A fair price to pay for meeting one so lovely I think! Wednesday saw me mixing with the hoipoloi of Blackpool. I was kindly invited to the 120th Birthday celebration of Blackpool Tower. A grand occasion it was too. The possible highlight of the week was being invited to the Fleetwood Town FC play off match against York City. This was courtesy of Craig who is the main driving force behind the team these days with his now famous, as seen on TV ‘Cod Army 99’. 20140519-202233-73353332.jpg Also along for the ride(as pictured) was the sharp dressed man Paul who owns the top class men’s boutique on Poulton St in Fleetwood. Saturday and Sunday brought even more sunshine and we enjoyed bring out in the bay. On Sunday was Colin who was out to celebrate his 60th birthday. 20140519-202612-73572705.jpg This was arranged by his good lady wife as a surprise present and she even turned out to be a cracking photographer. 20140519-202816-73696856.jpg She also very kindly sent me quite a few of the shots she took. 20140519-202921-73761741.jpg That’s about a basic summary of the week. A week that reinforced my belief in the phrase ‘Carpe Diem’ which means basically ‘seize the day’. The reason I mention this is that on Thursday we laid to rest one if my aunties. She was one of those aunts who are fun. Her passing was totally unexpected which is my I mention Carpe Diem. You never know what might happen to don’t waste a day. There’s always problems that crop up in life and business and we just have to deal with them. If you’re ever having a bad day and you are wondering if it can get any worse, look in the graveyard because it can. That’s all folks

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