Monday once more.

Blog time again!

confused face

It seems ….. as I rapidly approach my autumn years I struggle to remember what I did yesterday never mind writing a blog on my week’s activities.

Have any of you ever got up out of the chair and gone upstairs for something then when getting upstairs forget what exactly you went there for?

Or is it just me?

I’ve had a relatively quiet week as far as the sailing goes but have been as busy as ever promoting, marketing and generally putting myself about a bit. I’ve even discovered how to put a gallery of pictures on a webpage !!!! How clever am I then?

Take a peep at the new ‘About Us’ page and if you have any suggestions (polite ones) I’d love to hear them.

Saturday evening aboard Atlas was a designated party night (P*** up in layman’s terms). There was a very eclectic mix of people that included an accountant, a bookkeeper, a ginger electronics expert, 2 social media experts and 2 butchers…..not forgetting my very good self of course. From what I remember the evening was something of a joyous affair and i seem to recall there will be one or two photos/videos floating around the ether to substantiate this.

Have any of you started to use Vine? I think it’s the next big thing and will be posting a lot more to it in the future. I suggest you download it and have a play. You get six seconds of video but can stop and start it by just touching the screen. here’s the link to mine so feel free to follow me to see what garbage I post

I also sent out the sailing schedule for June which I’m pleased to say is going well. Might as well put a link to that as well just in case you fancy stepping onboard

In the June schedule there is the Father’s Day cruise on June 15th with 6 places available at £50each + vat.

There is also the Summer Solstice Cruise on June 21st which…..if you’re going seeing Rodders (Rod Stewart) on the 20th would make an ideal time to go sailing (see what I did there?).It’s an overnight sail and stay at Piel Island.

The Agony UncleAnyway, that’s it for now. I think I may also start doing a sort of problem page in the future where you can email me with questions about problems you or ‘a friend’ may have and I’ll give my impartial sailorboy advice. What do you think.

Please feel free to comment on this in the section below.

See ya soon Andy

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