So much happening !

Atlas at sea

I must say the economy certainly seems to have picked up. Generally there is a better mood about people & business and judging by the amount of bookings and enquiries I have had that certainly is the case.

Or is it also due to the fact that I got on my bike and found the work? (thank you Norman Tebbit for the quote).

As many of you know I attend various networking events and am a great fan of social media. These two activities when done and used correctly will bear fruits. It’s not a case of putting adverts out all the time and chasing potential contacts. I generally only send one email shot per month which gives a briefing of the coming activities and what is available. As far as networking events go it is really a case of (to quote a cheesy phrase) the old know,like and trust syndrome.
You will only switch people off if all you do is try to sell to them. The same goes for Twitter, Linkedin etc. Yes, I do publicise what is available but most of the postings are for engagement with people and I do it this way because I want to actually enjoy what I do and have a good laugh at the same time.

I’ve probably just had the two busiest months since I first set up Atlas and the boat hasn’t moved. I never expected to be doing too much sailing in January and February but this year has been a tad blustery than normal. I have kept myself busy though by marketing, promoting and using any available PR I deem suitable.
I’m currently trying to organise a mutually convenient date for Sally Naden (Radio Lancashire) to come out for a sail and do a recording for a future show. This has been somewhat delayed due to us having a 7 day cruise from Athens arranged and tide times not suiting when she is available. I’ve also been making use of my new exhibition stand that I had made for the Travel and Tourism Show so you will see me exhibiting myself around the Lancashire area.
All my activity isn’t just a case of running around seeing as many people and being in as many places as possible. There is actually is strategic plan behind it and I have been assisted by other people. Regardless of how long you may have been in business there is never any harm in speaking with other people in business and asking advice as another pair of eyes may look at something from a different angle and suggest some great ideas. Ideas you have been unable to see because you’re too busy doing what you do.

This leads me to my main point. Whether you are new to business or are looking to develop the one you currently have there is plenty of opportunity to obtain FREE ASSISTANCE from experts. Yes, FREE ! This isn’t a corny plug with an ulterior motive there is free help available that will not cost you a penny and has no hidden agenda. Please feel free to drop me an email and I will more than willingly point you in the right direction and that’s giving it to you just out of the goodness of my heart.
You are probably thinking this is just codswallop??
When I hear this sort of thing I tend to dismiss it as in my view nothing is for free but all this assistance will cost you is time. Time that will be well spent.

There ya go ! Those who know me will know I speak honestly and straight to the point. Get some free help for your business.

That’s about it for now. I have a scouser sailing with me this weekend so I’m not sure what I’ll be like on Monday.

And remember….It’s nearly the weekend and weekends are fantastic but so is every other day.



Btw. If you want to see what we’re doing over the next few weeks pay a us visit CLICK HERE


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