Nailing my colours to the mast !

union jackLike a lot of people I’ve been deliberating on whether to vote ‘in’ or ‘out’ over recent weeks but after much thought ………

I’ve decided to finally nail my colours to the mast. I must admit I’m still not sure and I’ve been in and out more times than somebody doing the Okey Cokey.

For every argument to leave there is an equally good argument to stay and vice versa but I feel an ‘out’ vote would be too much of a shot in the dark so I’m voting to REMAIN !

Granted, the EU is not ideal but I think that turning our back is not the answer. What we need is a government/leader with a pair of balls big enough to put our stance within the EU forward and push a bit harder for what we want. That said, it was actually listening to David Cameron on Monday evening that finally helped me make the choice (not that I’m a fan of his, quite the opposite).

The Brexit campaign for me has too many flaws and there’s seems to have been quite a bit of misinformation involved in their facts and figures. I stand to be corrected of course but I can only go on the information as I see it. In addition to that, too many people are basing their decision solely on immigration instead of looking at the bigger picture and further to that there are actually more immigrants land on our shores from outside the EU so a vote to leave isn’t going to change that.

Anyone who says what will happen if we stay/leave is talking through their backside because without the aid of a crystal ball NOBODY KNOWS. As I stated earlier the EU is far from ideal and has many flaws but so do many things in life and business.

When problems arise is the answer to simply walk away or try and sort them out? You can’t just walk away from problems and hope they will disappear. For example, leaving the EU won’t solve the problems with the NHS. It doesn’t matter how much money we throw at the NHS because money is not the root of the problem, it’s the management of it and that can be said for many things.

I won’t go into too many details of other reasons as you’ll hopefully get the idea of where I’m coming from.

In summary though, I think Britain will do well either way because WE ARE BRITAIN but we can do better REMAINING.



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