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confused faceFirst of all, thank heavens for Costa Coffee. As Vodafone have once again not sorted a problem with my mobile internet I was unable to write the now regular monday blog. So I sit here in Costa Coffee at Deepdale writing this whilst waiting to go to the Shout meeting at Preston North End.

Although there wasn’t much in the way of sailing done last week there was still plenty happening. The usual ‘putting oneself about’ in order to promote business. As some of you will know, I have other interests in business, one of which the building supplies business has become busier so I’ve had to put a bit more into that over recent weeks. There is also the ongoing battle with a certain banking establishment who keep moving the goalposts and causing me potentially severe problems but that is a blog for another time and depending on the outcome this Bank WILL be named and shamed.


Anyway, last week saw the Shout Network joint meeting which is always is good affair not least because the venue had a grand piano and I had a chance to rattle off  ‘Whole lotta shakin’ going on’. The highlight of the weekend was definitely the Preston City Games event on Sunday.  I had the honour of being team captain of the Shout/Holiday Inn Dragon Boat team……and what a day it turned out to be. None of us had ever been in a dragon boat before which makes our achievement even more enjoyable. There were some pretty good teams taking part, in particular the British Army. There were three preliminary races and your best time was used to determine whether you made the final. Our strategy was to use the first race to arrange our technique, the second race to fine tune it and the third race to open up BIG TIME.

Dragon BoatSuffice to say, we won all three of our races and improved our time on each one. With 6 of the other races to go this left us in third position overall and needing some other results to go our way. One other team beat our time which then meant that we couldn’t afford anyone else to better ours or we were out. This made for some real excitement and nail biting times as we waited for the results of the other races……..WE DID IT. We were in the final !

We were drawn in the lane next to the Army and the powerful Uclan teams but by this time we didn’t care because we were FIRED UP AND READY. There were no motivational words needed now, we wanted it. When it started it was a very close result with barely ONE SECOND between all four teams. We came fourth but this was more than a credible result as the Army team boat which was full of beef and testosterone even only beat us by a second. A fine performance by ALL.

Morecambe BayMonday saw me out on the water again with a thoroughly decent band of chaps. Although the day started somewhat wet it cleared to bring blistering sunshine and near millpond conditions out in Morecambe Bay. We sailed out and made a brief stop at Piel before heading back out when the wind was forecast to pick up. The seal colony at Walney were keeping their distance today although when we were out at sea some of them came a bit closer for a nosey around. There were quite a few jellyfish around as well and…(drumroll) the dolphins even made a brief appearance.

With the calm conditions we decided to drop anchor in the bay and enjoy the sunshine for a while as we dined. This left us more than  satisfied when we returned back into Fleetwood in the evening.

That’s about it for now. I will be posting a blog about the past two years and the battles, hurdles and tragedies I’ve had, faced, overcome while I’ve been setting up Atlas although there is enough to probably write a book about it. In addition to that the outcome with the bank will have significant bearing on my frame of mind before writing it.

And finally…………I also had someone from Channel 4 come to visit, interview and film me last week with a view to possibly featuring on a popular TV show of which I should hopefully find out this week if they are thinking of using Sailorboy and Atlas.

Keep tuned ! And for any other updates visit our site

Andy xxxx


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