Never a dull moment!

The Challenge

As in the heading there is always something that life throws at you during day to day life.

Regardless whether it be work or play there is something that will test your mettle and I had such a day last Friday. After having a fantastic week and in particular a very good Friday I arrived at the marina to ‘relax’ for a couple of hours before heading out to the First Friday event which is hosted by Ma2 and is held at the Lemon Tree in Poulton.

The Friday started with a Shout Network joint meeting at Wyrebank which was, as always, very well attended. When at the marina I went immediately to Atlas to get my male grooming products and go for a shower in plenty time. When returning from the shower I had collected some books and papers from my vehicle and was carrying them with me along the pontoon to where Atlas is moored.

THEN……. As I stepped to board the vessel the vehicle key & fob which were on top of the pile of papers started to slide off. Since I was straddled with one foot on the ladder and the other foot on the yacht I had no choice but to watch them slide in what seemed to be slow motion into to water then disappear from view after leaving a line of bubbles. A few years ago I may have started to get somewhat excited and start slamming, banging and generally venting my discontent. However, the years have mellowed me and I just stood in total disbelief that I had made such a schoolboy error. I was quite aware that no amount of shouting, screaming and flagellation would bring my key & fob back from the deep.

I decided to proceed as I had planned and get my gladrags on, hit the town and sink a few pints then think about how to address this bit of a problem. The next morning I woke with the obligatory dry mouth and ruffled hair then set to thinking about how to solve the problem. My first thought was to use a large magnet on a length of line and hopefully get them. I knew the chance of this was slim and pondered on whether I would need the services of a diver because to make things worse I had absolutely no idea where the spare set lay. Anyway, off I started dipping the magnet with vain hope. HOWEVER…..After only 3 or 4 minutes…..Hallelujah, praise the Lord…..Up came the key& fob. Once they were safely in my pocket I proceeded to shout, scream and jump up and down with sheer delight…. THERE IS A GOD AND HE LOVES ME. I was moonwalking on the pontoon. If anyone can remember Dennis Taylor when he won the world championship, that was me.

Rest assured this will NOT be happening again.

IMG_0681 (960x1280)

Earlier in the day at the Shout Network meeting I held a prize draw which was won by the delightful Holly from Events Live in Preston. She now has an Introduction to Sailing Session for two people. I was worried just before the draw was made because Andy Skelding from Shout had entered the draw and I certainly wouldn’t be wanting to spend any time at sea with him.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and if you are wondering what we have coming up please take a look at our schedule.

There are of course the standard sailing days as well as what is listed but the 7 day cruise in Greece is now fully booked. So please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about sailing with us.

Regards  Sailorboy

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