No New Year Resolutions !

It’s that time of year again when loads of folk are moaning about how much they’ve shovelled down their throats and how ‘come the New Year’ they’ll shift that extra lard that has been put on.

If if not that it’ll be packing in smoking, drinking less, taking more exercise etc etc. Actually just the same old crap as last year for many.
I can’t say I’ve ever been one to make a New Year resolution. My view is that if you are intent on doing something you will do it and not need to wait for that ‘special day’. This is probably one of the any reasons I’m not a big fan of the festive period.

The time when we say ‘good will to all men’……but what about the rest of the year? Do we just say ‘up yours mate’ ? I can honestly say that I’m the same throughout the year and don’t need to wait for that special day to do something.

Come halfway through January most people will have given up on their resolutions anyway so why bother?

If it’s a case of wanting to lose weight it’s easy……don’t eat as much!

If you’re a bit of a fatty don’t look for excuses for why you aren’t reducing the size of the spare tyre it’s all down to yourself and nobody else. It is all down to willpower and how much you want to succeed.

Likewise if you’re wanting to pack in smoking, it’s easy. Just stop!

A Confession !

Many years ago I myself used to partake in the filthy, horrible, disgusting, antisocial habit of smoking. I decided I wanted to stop so what I did…….this will blow your mind…… I stopped buying them and guess what….. I stopped smoking. How difficult is it?

I can never understand it when people say “I can’t seem to lose weight” or “I can’t stop smoking”. The reason for not succeeding is that their willpower is insufficient to counteract their craving for a drag or the necessity to shove another pie down their neck.

There’s none of this from me I’ll just be continuing to be my happy self throughout the year. That said, I must admit I put an extra few pounds on recently but instead of waiting I got on the case straight away started doing more exercise and eating a bit less crap.

Carpe diem. Don’t wait, get on with it now.

Apologies for churning this out by the way. It’s just that there’s not much happening on the sailing at the moment so I need to fill my time ‘constructively’ ;-)

If however you want to read about sunny times why not have a perusal of the sample cruise page where we describe what happens on a week at sea with us? CLICK HERE

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