Onwards we go!

As many of you were aware it was the 2014 Tourism Awards last week which were held at Blackpool Tower.

However, despite my optimism I was unsuccessful and the category was won by Lytham Beach Huts (a worthy winner of course).

It was disappointing I must say but nevertheless it was recognition enough to be nominated and I thank the Marketing Lancs team for that. I’ll just have to be better still next year and make sure I can get to the interview stages as this year I wasn’t able to get there due to being in Greece on a couple of charters.


John Gillmore

That aside, it was a fantastic night and a chance to catch up with the many friends and acquaintances I’ve made whilst operating in the tourism sector. Naturally as the night wore on my memory of it became somewhat misty due to one or two beverages.

The saving grace, for John Gillmore from Radio Lancashire is that he didn’t get a kiss from Sailorboy. I’d promised that if I won I’d give him a kiss.

Nigel's Butchers

There was lots more happened during the week for example, I received some complimentary sausages from Nigel Wilkinson of the high class butchers in Blackpool. This was courtesy of me doing a few tweets and retweets for him with it being national sausage week and I must say I was more than impressed with the quality of his sausage.

Further to that I had some very interesting meetings with the North ¬†Western Lancs Chamber of Commerce which I’m looking to follow up this week. I could definitely recommend getting involved with the chamber. ¬†Like any form of networking you only get out what you put and while I mention networking, I’ve been instated (press ganged) into being chairman of the Shout Group that meets at Blackpool Football Club every other Tuesday so why not pay us a visit. I put the choice of making me chairman down to my good looks, charm and supply of classic one liners! Anyway, during the time of my involvement with the Shout Network I can honestly say it has been pivotal in the success of Atlas.

By being active in a networking group you develop an excellent network of business support and allows you to find out all sorts of useful information that you wouldn’t normally have access to. That said, networking is not an overnight fix. It’s about building long term relationships with honest, reliable and forward thinking people.

Day Skipper CourseThis week sees the first of the shorebased training starting with the Day Skipper which will be run over two weekends. There’s also a big meeting which will hopefully result in some groundbreaking news so keep your eye on my media feeds etc and I will hopefully have an announcement soon.

I’ve also put the first half schedule for 2015 which sees us starting off which a trip around the Canary Islands. This will see us visiting some of the lesser known islands like La Gomera & El Hierro so if you fancy some winter sun in January why not come along?

If you would like any info about this CLICK HERE and I’ll send them over. Failing that why not take a look at some of the other cruises by clicking 2015 SCHEDULE


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