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I keep trying to get myself into the habit of using this Blog page on a regular basis. In particular that the website is now updated thanks to the fantastic work by Chris & Dan from Rethink Design in Thornton (thanks a £20 note coming my way for the mention).

Ed the Sailor

Since my last posting I’ve not been out on the water too much due to the strong winds we’ve had recently. However I did manage to get and good 3day trip in. The conditions were challenging but Ed, the chap who was out with me, proved to be a more than competent sailor and should have no problem whatsoever passing the sailing exams he’s taking in a few weeks.

The trip was a quick dash over to Piel Island where we moored up for the evening then at around 5am we set off for Whitehaven which was a lively sail to say the least but with the sails reefed accordingly we made good time for our destination. It was just a quick overnight stay in Whitehaven then we set off at 0430 the next morning. We were sailing in in the hours of darkness when we started which gave me once more the opportunity to gaze in wonderment at the celestial bodies in the sky. This is the real beauty of sailing in the dark hours. With no light pollution we have the chance to see all the stars in their true glory. A real pleasure to behold.

Apart from that, it’s much of the same which the exception of The Wooden Spoon event at Blackpool De Vere. This was a fantastic day and all credit to Martin Long from Napthens Solicitors for arranging such a good event.

That’s about it for now. It was meant to be a longer post but for some reason, as you can see the pictures aren’t loading correctly so I will be mithering my ‘mate’ Chris at Rethink  to ask what I’m doing wrong.

See you soon. Sailorboy over and out !

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