Random Act of Kindness

We experienced a random Act of Kindness in Manchester today you know?

We have now officially finished the sailing for 2018 and are now home in the UK until March with the exception of a couple of days in January when we nip back over to lift the boat out and arrange the annual maintenance stuff.  

Once more, 2018 has been a brilliant year and we’ve had the pleasure a meeting more new people and making more friends.


As we’re now in our third year we have also got some fantastic friends in Lavrio and around the islands and places we visit.

I will refer back to the title of this post ‘Random Act Of Kindness’ very shortly but the first thing I want to mention is a chance reacquaintance with someone from 37 years ago.

Life does throw up some random things and this certainly was one of those. I will condense the story so as not to bore you too much so here goes.

A blast from the past

I used to have a very good mate called Jonny who I haven’t seen since 1981. He was originally a mate at school then the drummer in the first band I put together. We kept in touch for a short time after leaving school but as is often the case we lost touch as we got on with our respective lives.

Anyway, to the point, it just so happens that a lady we have become friendly with is his step sister and I recently met up with him again because of this chance meeting with her.

The actual chances of this meeting happening are probably not as much as winning the lottery. Bear in mind the facts of I set up Atlas Sailing then eventually decided to move the boat to The Med. After a stint in Spain, we thought it would be better to relocate to Greece. There are many islands we can visit and Angistri is one of them. Add to this that when we arrive at places there are many different tavernas and restaurants we can visit but it just so happens that on my first trip to Angistri a couple of years ago after I happened upon the Quattro Bar in Skala.

There are many other places in the town of Skala but after wandering around I chose the Quattro then as is the case, if it’s good and you like the people you always go back there whenever on the island.

So, imagine my surprise that after chatting with this delightful lady she enquired about my accent and said it sounded familiar only to discover we were both from Bolton.

Anyway, she told me we’re she used to live but, unusual for me, I didn’t ask whereabouts exactly. Had I done this the connection with my old mate would’ve been made a lot quicker.

Enter my old mate, Greavo……

It wasn’t until July this year when another old school mate was out with us and when we visited Angistri he was chatting with Nikki and a chance question led him to put two and two together. When they came out to tell me that she was related to my other mate of the past, Jonny, she was astounded to hear that I still remembered their old phone number and one or two other little gems from the archives.

Thats about all I need to say about the randomness but suffice to say we have become even better friends with Nikki, in fact we actually feel like relatives now.

Just weigh up exactly how random this was though:

1. The fact I’d set up a Yacht charter company.

2. The fact that we ended up in Greece.

3. When visiting Angistri, of all the places I could’ve picked to go in I chose the Quattro Bar.

4. Only by chance that my other mate came out and we went in there was the connection made. We could’ve quite easily bypassed Angistri on that week and would’ve never known.

Theres a lot more I can add to this tale but I’m sure you get the picture on how absolutely bizarre this happening was?

Nikki, by the way, was the original Shirley Valentine but that’s a story for another day.

Even more randomness…..

Okay, now to the main point of the post. Today we decided to pay my mates Craig and Paul from Fleetwood Beach Kiosk a visit. This year they have a pitch at the Manchester Markets and although it’s normally a no go zone for me I thought we’d go and give them some support (not that they need it)

Afterwards, I mentioned that there was a particular book I wanted so we headed to Waterstones on Deansgate. While I was perusing the language section my Mrs, Julie, was busy noseying through books in a different part of the store when a young chap came up to her and gave her an envelope which had written on it:

’make sure you open me’ 

On opening the envelope there was a letter with the heading ‘Good Day Beautiful Soul’.

Also contained in the letter was a £10 note. The young man prior to walking off said briefly that they were doing an experiment with ‘random acts of kindness’. I’ve put the picture in this post so hopefully you can zoom in and read what it says.

Obviously we will continue this act of random kindness and when we do we hope that it spreads like wild fire. I am going to do this when back in Lavrio as it’s something the Greeks will find absolutely nutty.

It really restores faith in humanity when things like this happen because in the world today there seems to be more and more pessimistic folk who preach nothing but doom and gloom and revel in negativity instead of realising that life is not a rehearsal so would be better trying to enjoy the time we have on theis planet.

Long may it continue, that’s what I say.

Andy finally, if anyone does fancy joining us on one of our adventures next year then you can see the 2019 Schedule by using this link CLICK HERE


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