And……relax !

Hello all. I’m sure the ones of you who aren’t into football are breathing a sigh of relief now that it’s all over?


KittyAnd…as some of you will be aware I was running a sweepstake ( The Atlas World Cup) in which various companies I know were entered into the draw. This was won by Katie Palmer from PPS Publicity Services so she will now receive an overnight trip to Piel for two people.


I did this not only to promote Atlas but to also demonstrate the power of social media. Most companies involved in it embraced the idea and went along with the fun of tweeting when their team was playing and generally joining in the banter. This obviously raised awareness of different to companies to others they would not have normally come across.

I’m sure most people involved took a quick peep at the opposition’s website thus proving that social media works. And you never know there could have been some business generated from it.


In other news, I had Atlas out of the water last week in order to do some antifouling and replace anodes. I really think that if this particular job was given to people who are sentenced to do community service the crime rate would plummet. It is extremely hard work and very laborious therefore virtually guaranteeing they would not reoffend.

IMG_1608[1]Apart from that I’m looking forward to another very busy week.


I am now actively promoting the Greek Island cruises for October. I’m offering a substantial discount for people who book early for two places. The single rate is £785 pp which includes all meals, however, if two people book together before the end of July it will be ONLY £599 per person and as mentioned this will include all meals and airport transfers.

Click here to take a look at the page and please get in touch if you require further information.


Btw I’d be grateful if you would share the details of this offer or forward to post to anyone you think might be interested.



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