Sailorboy is back

KittyAfter quite a busy couple of week I’m back to posting the weekly waffle after missing last week.

I wouldn’t mind taking a few days and doing what the cat in the picture is doing, however, one must make hay while the sun shines.


Since the last post the Atlas World Cup has been running. It’s not an ego trip or anything like that I just thought it would be good way to get a bit of PR/publicity for a few local businesses which I have met over recent months.

It’s nice to see that most have actually embraced the spirit of it and got involved in ‘the Craic’ which will hopefully raise some brand awareness for them.


I did have complaints about who got who in the draw in particular from the girls at Marketing Lancashire who got Iran and ‘strangely enough’ I didn’t get any complaints from In The Zone or Palmer Publicity Service who were drawn with Brazil and Germany respectively.

Anyway, it’s just a bit of fun, That’s all.


Over the past couple of weeks I’ve had some cracking days out on the water and met again, without exception, some absolutely brilliant  and interesting people and ‘m eternally grateful that they chose to come sailing with us.


Something I never forget is that without customers I don’t have a business so it’s always in my mind to try and offer as much as possible in order to make their experience as enjoyable as can be. The best form of advertising is a recommendation and so far I don’t think I’ve done too bad but…….. If something did go wrong or someone, for whatever reason, didn’t enjoy the sailing I would (unlike many of the large companies) do my utmost to make amends for whatever happened or didn’t happen.


I’ve got a few sailings planned for July with some special group deals and am starting to try and confirm numbers for the October Greek Islands Cruises as this year (and we say it EVERY YEAR has flown) so I need to change gear.


SunsetIn addition to that, I’m trying to finalise the location for the big January 2 week cruise around South East Asia. This cruise won’t be cheap but it WILL be a virtual life changing experience for some. It will possibly be around Thailand or Malaysia though I have been looking at Vietnam and China although provisioning could be a problem in some of the lesser known locations.


If you have any suggestions of where to arrange the adventure and not necessarily SE Asia I’d love to hear them.


Next Monday I will be lifting Atlas out of the water for a few days so I can give the barnacles etc a scrape and put a coat of anti-fouling paint on the hull so I’ll post some pictures of what she looks like from below.


Finally, in addition to the regular sailing I will be doing a cruise (3 or 4 days) to either the Isle of Man or Anglesey within the next couple of weeks so if you would like a quick escape from the norm please get in touch.


Please take a peep at the diary if like


Hopefully see you soon, Andy


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