Soaked in Treasure and Blood 

 As my mate Bruce says:

“Sometimes tomorrow comes soaked in treasure and blood”.

Now that’s quite an apt statement for me at the moment with the impending relocation of Atlas to Spain.

The meaning is that though things turn out great there’s a price to pay for it as in battles in years gone by when the treasures gained were soaked by the thought of the blood of soldiers spilled in order to get it.

In all the years I’ve been sailing from Fleetwood and generally circulating around the Wyre & Fylde area I have been privileged to come into contact with some absolutely brilliant people both in business and pleasure. Many of these have turned into being very good friends, not least Craig at the beach kiosk in Fleetwood.

I will be sad that I won’t see many of these people as often as I’d like.

The move for me is semi permanent so I’ll be back every couple of weeks or so which means that you’ll not quite be getting rid of my ugly ‘boat race’ so easily. Although I might not be around the area as much I definitely intend to her in contact with many of the wonderful people I’ve got to know.

I’m also lucky in the fact that I can honestly say, without exception, that everyone who has chosen to come out sailing with us have been brilliant. Not once have a thought on returning back from a sailing day that I’d be glad to see the back of any individual person. Once again, many of these have gone on to be become very good friends.

I’ve also been completely overwhelmed by the amount of emails, phone calls and expressions of good will to me for my new venture.

We set sail around 10am in the morning and I could not have a better crew with me. They are not only very experienced but also very close friends in whom I have complete faith.

I’m very much looking forward to the voyage. Unlike a previous long voyage I’m hoping we all look back on it and think it was a real adventure of a lifetime.

The previous long voyage from Athens back to Fleetwood was plagued with bad luck and misfortune not least the death of my father just one day before we were due to set sail.

This time there has been even more preparation and planning so bring it on! 

It’s unfortunate that the marina at Fleetwood seems to be on the wane. There are some really nice people and some good friends up there with whom I will make a point of visiting whenever possible.

I’m sure that when we sail out from Fleetwood for the last time I will have a tear in my eye as we are waved off on our voyage to the new world.

For all those who read this and those intending to come out to Spain let me give you one HUGE


And to finish I will quote my mate Bruce again!

“There’s a new world coming, I can see the light”. 

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