Sorting out the Brexit issue !

Now I don’t want to seem like I’m blowing my own trumpet again so how should I put this??

Well………to blow my own trumpet again I absolutely nailed the Brexit issue in my blog just before the referendum in 2016 and it’s not like me to start mouthing off but here goes:

As per the picture, I posted my view on the then impending vote on whether to remain in the EU.

I admit I voted to remain and was very disappointed with the result when it came but unlike many of the idiots that took to the streets in London yesterday I accepted the result.

Democracy is democracy and is as simple as that. What kind of democracy would we be if we said:

“Well ok, there’s still quite a few people not happy about the result so I think we’d better have another vote to see if we can achieve a better result”

It’s complete nonsense and I’m dumbfounded by the way so many supposedly intelligent people, many of whom are in positions of power, are thinking this way.

Leave or Remain?

In the post I wrote about how I thought that for every argument made to remain there was an equally good argument to leave but for me the Brexit campaign had too many flaws and that I thought there was quite a bit of misinformation coming from the Leave Campaign (How clever am I then?)

I wrote:

The Brexit campaign for me has too many flaws and there’s seems to have been quite a bit of misinformation involved in their facts and figures. I stand to be corrected of course but I can only go on the information as I see it. In addition to that, too many people are basing their decision solely on immigration instead of looking at the bigger picture and further to that there are actually more immigrants land on our shores from outside the EU so a vote to leave isn’t going to change that.

After the vote the demographics of who got off their arses to go out and vote showed one of the reasons why the result was so. Many of the younger end who are now claiming to have been robbed of a future were at the time not concerned enough to vote but now spend their time bellyaching about leaving when they should’ve taken time to put an ‘X’ on a ballot paper.

Rather than all this arsing about we now need to get on with carrying out  the wishes of the majority that voted, albeit rather slim, so that we can all start to move on and get on with building confidence back into the country.

Another part of what I wrote was:

Granted, the EU is not ideal but I think that turning our back is not the answer. What we need is a government/leader with a pair of balls big enough to put our stance within the EU forward and push a bit harder for what we want.

Regardless of all other items this country needs a leader that will stand up for what is best and not just for what they think will be more popular and help to keep them in favour with the electorate. Like her or not but in my opinion Margaret Thatcher was the best leader of the country that we had seen for decades and are unlikely to see for quite some time. That said, she did get a bit carried away towards the end of her tenure but that’s another story.

We need a balanced media

Theresa May or whichever leader we have in the future is on a hiding to nothing because of the way the media want to report things and in particular the way our so called ‘impartial’ national broadcasting company, The BBC, do this is ridiculous with its lunatic left wing bias but, again…….that’s another story.

One thing I also stand by is where I said that whether we vote to leave or remain we will be fine because WE ARE BRITISH.

However, what we need to start doing is stopping all this complete bollocks of trying to reverse a democratic vote and start working together to show Europe that we can manage quite nicely without their interference.

In summary, we have to accept the result because otherwise, where do we draw the line on election results? If we had another vote and the ‘remainers’ won the Brexiteers could quite easily say there should be another because it’s now 1-1 and needs to be best of three.

So just bloody DEAL WITH IT.

I wasn’t pleased with the result but we live in a democracy, I accept the result so let’s move forward TOGETHER !



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