So the sun sets on our season.

I’m now sat at home with the fire & central heating on which feels a world away from sailing a yacht over azure blue waters with the sun beating down. I’m also getting my arse in gear to catch up on a few things, not least an up to date blog post.

So, the sun has finally set on our season out in Greece.We completed our final two charters of the year last month and without exception all the charters this year have been brilliant.

We started in March and during the course of this year have made some fantastic friends out in the places we visit and even greater friends in the good folk that have sailed with.

It has been an absolute pleasure to be of service to such great people. In fact, one of  most difficult things we have to do is restrain ourselves from joining the guests every night sampling the cuisine and drink in the local tavernas.

I often get asked which is my favourite place to visit and this is a hard choice to make because every time we sail into somewhere I think to myself  “yes, this is my favourite” but then say the same when we land at the next port of call. The island of Hydra takes some beating but during the summer months it gets extremely busy which can take the shine off it a bit. Towards the back end of the year we discovered a place called Loulida which is the principal town on the island of Kea. It’s very similar to Hydra by way of there are no cars but the town itself is actually a short taxi ride inland unlike the town of Hydra which is right by the port.

Angistri is another favourite, only a small island but the turquoise waters when sailing over are really a sight to behold and in addition to that we now know Nicki who runs the Quattro bar. She’s from our hometown of Bolton but did a ‘Shirley Valentine’ in the 80’s and has been there ever since.

However, if someone held a gun to my head and told me to pick just one place I think I would have to go for Korfos. This is the place where we can moor up right outside a taverna (as pictured) and literally step off the boat and sit down at a dining table. Nowhere else have I ever been able to do that. The bay at Korfos is absolutely gorgeous and is well sheltered from the prevailing very strong northerly winds (The Meltemi) that blow up in the summer. They also serve THE BEST fried calamari ANYWHERE.

Anyway, I’m back out there next week but that’s really just to do a few jobs and hopefully get out for a bit of a sail and return the following weekend.

The only bit of negative feedback I received was that my jokes could do with being upgraded? .

Aside from that I’ll be getting the other hat back on over the winter and reverting to the other business of selling construction materials.

The season starts again next March and bookings are going okay so far and let me sign off with a message for all the good foolk that have sailed with us this year……

…..from both myself and Julie let me say a sincere and meaningful THANK YOU. You are and will all hopefully remain very good friends. The year has been a wonderful experience leaving us with some fond memories.

Best wishes to all ?

And for anyone interested in next year here’s link for the 2018 schedule

Ps in case you’re wondering……I still get pissed off with Russians?

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