Terrorist….Don’t Travel ???

58503_434434319482_6096895_nWith what looks like another terrorist attack in Egypt there seems to be the usual knee jerk reaction by way of stopping people travelling there. It was the same when there was the attack on tourists in Tunisia earlier in the year.

Taking the most recent attack in Egypt if there was a lack of security would it not be better to slightly improve it?

Stopping people travelling to places after there has been terrorist activity doesn’t do anything apart from cause more problems. You have as much chance of suffering a terrorist attack in the UK as proved by the 7/7 attacks and the Manchester bomb. Would the Trafford Centre or Blackpool Pleasure Beach not be just as tempting a target for some brainwashed Jihadi nutter?

I personally say “business as usual” as far as travelling goes otherwise they have won. Simple as that !

More often than not it’s a case of closing the door after the horse is already down the road. I’m not saying go skipping to the airport with gay abandon just don’t be put off because once one place has been attacked the next target will probably be in a different place. It’s just something we have to learn to live with.

In modern times we have had some form of terrorism blighting our lives for years. We’ve had Baader Meinhof, IRA, Black September, Tamil Tigers etc and even the Welsh Nationalist Movement who firebombed English owned homes in Wales. Wherever you travel you can be at risk from something so if you want to be completely safe stay behind your own front door.

I’ll not waffle too much on this subject but suffice to say if anyone is worried about travelling abroad then I suggest you’d be just as likely to be hit in your own part of the world as you would on a beach in Spain.


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