Young SailorboyWe ALL know….. the older we get, time goes quicker.

It doesn’t seem long since we were kicking a football around the backstreets of Bolton then life came charging around the corner and before I knew it we were adults, I blinked again and I had two daughters and now not 2 minutes since first started work I find myself only 13 weeks away from my 50th birthday.

What happened? Where did it go?

The answer is that life happened. Fortunately, excepting the odd hiccup here and there and making one or two bad decisions I can honestly say that I wouldn’t change too much.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel quite a bit and meet some decent people, not all decent of course, there has been the odd kn*bhead I’ve had the unfortunate chance of meeting but generally most folk were not too bad. It’s only once we have a few years behind us that we (most of us anyway) realise what actually matters and what we want or need.

P1010023It took me until my late 30’s/early 40’s to find my calling and that was after doing all sorts of things. I’ve mainly worked in the construction industry and when not working or travelling found time to do a plethora of sports, learn german, play a few musical instruments and have a brilliant spell playing in bands…..which could be happening again and it is something that I am definitely looking forward too because when we played we were rock stars for the night (in our heads anyway) and it didn’t matter how big or small the venue was.


Generally the point I’m making is that as we gracefully age and accumulate years we tend to spend time doing what we want to do and not do things just to please other people because we realise that time is something we have a limited amount of. If both my parents are anything to go by that means I have got another 25 years on this beautiful planet. You can bet your arse that I won’t be wasting my time doing things I don’t enjoy.


I’m VERY fortunate to be doing a job that I can say I would still do even if I won the lottery. During the course of my working week I meet decent, honest people (and a few hot chicks now and again) at various networking meetings I attend and when out sailing I only ever seem to get fantastic and interesting people out on the boat (and a few hot chicks now and again). ¬†Most people I come across are positive, happy people who enjoy life and don’t go about moaning with a glass half empty attitude. In all the time I have been operating Atlas I have never had one single person on the yacht who I couldn’t wait to get off.

Like many of you, I certainly don’t feel like I’m pushing 50 and in my head I’m still 21. The face has more of a lived in look about it these days (refined is the adjective I use actually) and the greying barnet give away the fact that I’m steamrolling towards my autumn years.

What I’m trying to say in this post is that if you plod around waiting for your life to begin there will come a point where you’ll realise that the time is just ticking or has even ticked away.


ImperialSo……………..get off your arse and do something about it, however, most who read this will be the positive type of person I mentioned earlier in this post so won’t need that call to action.


Carpe Diem Folks.


Ps/Btw I still have a couple of places left on this week’s milebuilder (weds-sun) and a couple of places for the second 7 Day Greek Island Cruise 19-26th October.¬†http://www.atlassailing.co.uk/sailing-options/greek-islands/



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