Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore!

DSC_0270Now that I’m finally moored up in La Linea after what was a whirlwind voyage from the UK with a fantastic crew I actually feel like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.

The voyage itself can only be described as EPIC and leaves me with some wonderful and amazing memories.

As I write this update the sun is setting over the Bay of Gibraltar and where I sit typing at the chart table on board the yacht I glance up and see the golden rays of the sun slicing through the portlights. The heat of the day has decreased and a light breeze is arising and wafting that unique smell of Mediterranean air mixed with the fresh smell of the sea.

The crew have departed and are awaiting their flight back to the UK. I have been browsing through some of the photos and videos we took during the voyage and I feel blessed. Blessed that is to have such people to share such an adventure.

As I reflect back on the time at sea it reminds me of the Talking Heads song, ‘Once in a Lifetime’ where he is saying about the journey through life and there comes a point where you sit back and say to yourself  ‘How did I get here’ ?

One moment I was a 16 year old school leaver humping bags of cement around a builders yard and the next I’m a 50 year old starting another new adventure doing something I love in a land of what feels like an endless summer.

Over recent weeks we have endured stormy weather that pushed us to the edge of our physical and mental boundaries and have had the liberating freedom offered by being out sight of land for days not knowing what is happening in the ‘real’ world. That really is a sense of freedom and proper escapism. We had the pleasure of seeing some beautiful sun rises and as it followed it’s route over of heads seeing it set and turn the horizon into a flaming masterpiece.

I have done longer voyages but this one will stay cherished in my memory after the absolutely brilliant experience with some of the finest people on the planet. When we reached our marina and finally secured the mooring lines it was actually a bit of an anti-climax. By that I mean there was no punching the air or group hugging we just sorted ourselves out individually and then got ready to go out and celebrate our achievement………..and celebrate we did!

The true feeling of success will come the coming weeks when we each reflect back and think of the life and times on board with each other in the experience of a lifetime.

I’ve already posted some of the pictures and videos but there will be many more to come some of which are hilarious, not least the video where we are all singing and drinking (drunk) in bayonna after crossing Biscay.

Tomorrow  and the following few days I have a few jobs to sort on the yacht as this weekend sees the first of our charters and straight after that I have the first group of people coming out training for their Skipper licence. I will be back in the UK on October 21st for a couple of weeks then return to do some more charters in November.

Some people might say I am lucky to be doing what I do & where I do it and yes, there is possibly a bit of luck here and there but generally it’s been about me getting off my arse and grafting for what I want to achieve and having the focus and determination to carry on even though there have been problems, some massive problems in fact, but in life we all have problems and challenges of varying degrees during everyday life and it’s about how we deal with them and move on that gets the results.

So keep your focus and…………….. CARPE DIEM 


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